April Minute 2018- Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 04/03/2018


Tim Crites, Steve Thomas, Pat Province, Greg Dement, Marcus Laut, Gary Cooper, Doug Pratt, Richard Detring, Kim Kollmeyer,


Mike Eaves.


Kraig Sutherland & Pastor Foss

Old Business:

  • Pastor Foss lead Elders in " The Healthy congregation" Bible Study

  • Discussed calls made by Elders since the last meeting

New Business:

  • Discussed coordinating with the board of Christian life on possibly implementing the use of name tags. This could help each of us get to know more parishioners and also help the new Pastor and his family.

  • Discussed further efforts to improve security for Church and school.

  • Discussed pastoral transition.

  • Discussed the new deacon program and how the visits are going.

  • Adjourned with The Lords Prayer.


  • A motion was made to lay the ground work for a security committee.-passed.