Aug. Minute 2017- Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 08/08/2017


Tim Crites, Mike Kurtz, Gary Cooper,Greg Dement, Steve Thomas,Richard Detring,


Doug Pratt, Scott Lix,


Pastor Rick Foss, Brian Franklin and Sally Shinn

Old Business:

  • Sally Shinn addressed the Board of Elders in reference to additional worship opportunities

  • Pastor Foss opened with a Bible study and Prayer

  • Last month’s minutes were submitted and approved

New Business:

  • Nathan Davis has been approved as the Youth Director

  • Pastor’s report submitted

  • Pastor Tom Reeder will fill in for Pastor Foss on Labor Day week-end
    Pastor Foss requested to be allowed to attend training during the last week-end of September. His request was approved

  • Youth Director Nathan Davis is doing well. Pastor Foss is working closely with him

  • A vote was taken to rescind the 445 vote from the last Elders meeting. The vote passed

  • A vote was passed to proceed with the planning of a 1030 praise service. The actual details of the service will be decided later