August Minute 2017- Education

Meeting Date/Time: 08/15/2017


Sally Shinn,Elizabeth Jordan,Jenny Schweiss,Bethany Petty,Bobbi Karraker ,
Dustin Murray,Kenny Allen,Seth Pegram
Pastor Foss


Heather Jo Hawkins


Old Business:

  • Parent Input-Many parents felt that we should cancel on the solar eclipse day
    Faculty Input-None

New Business:

  • Organizational Reports
    Triple C -First meeting in September
    Back to School swim party was well-received
    Athletics -A team and B team volleyball starts practice this week
    Soccer is practicing this week -- first soccer game is the 19th

  • Auction
    New auction chairpersons are getting to work!
    Theme is Cinco de Mayo
    August 28 is the first meeting
    Auction needs support from volunteers!

  • School Accounting
    School Operating Budget -On track
    Auction Funds

    Cafeteria Report-Air conditioning unit and cooler fan need attention

  • Delinquent Families
    Families have made payment arrangements and we expect a substantial decrease in noncollectable funds
    Mr. Murray and Mrs. Propst will be revisiting this list the 26th of each month

  • Principal’s Report
    Solar Eclipse-School will be closed on the 21st of August
    Glasses will be sent home with students to view the eclipse

  • Phone System
    Phones and security cameras were damaged during the summer (probably with storms)
    Pricing information is still being collected

  • Teacher meetings
    Professional Church Workers Conference is the week before Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving feast will be moved to December 1
    8 teachers have requested to attend this conference

  • Chapel Offerings
    1st Quarter - Operation Christmas Child
    2nd Quarter - Zambia - Bethlehem Christian Academy
    3rd Quarter - local needs
    4th Quarter - food bank, BOGO, backpack program

  • October 29
    Reformation Walk
    8th grade will head this up
    8th grade chili supper that evening as a fundraiser

  • Children participating in church
    Last Sunday of the month
    Singing, Bible distribution, skits, etc

  • Installation for Mrs. Begley-August 26 evening service

    Character education program
    Craig Thomas Character Ed -> small assembly with these words as a focus for each month
    Each grade will be assigned a word and will begin the assembly with a skit or other quick program

  • Employee Handbook
    Bobbi motions that we accept the employee manual pending staff review. Teachers will be encouraged to submit thoughts and ideas by September 12.
    Jenny seconds
    Motion carries

  • Wellness Policy
    Policy has been revised to reflect the environment of St. Paul Lutheran School

  • Theme shirts available for parent purchase? Just a thought for a fundraiser for Triple C

  • TO DO …
    This Spring, the Board needs to submit a list of members for approval

  • Executive Session None


  • school wellness policy as written- passed