August Minutes- 2018 Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 08/14/2018


Tim Crites, Steve Thomas, Pat Province, Gary Cooper, Kim Kollmeyer, Greg Dement, Richard Detring,Doug Pratt,


Ceth Jordan, Marcus Laut


Greg Shinn, Julie Powers, Heather Garner Pastor Constien

Old Business:

New Business:

  • Greg Shinn met with the board to discuss budget issues for the next fiscal year. He discussed Foundation Committee duties. Budget short fall concerns were discussed.
    Oktoberfest activities are in the planning stages. Steve to continue planning with Greg

  • Julie & Heather talked about various media services- church mouse-email announcement, facebook pages and the prophet.Pilgrim program was discussed. Julie & Heather encouraged to meet with church staff to coordinate better communications. Elders suggested Prophet be handed out at all church services.
    Oktoberfest servcie was discussed. A devotion before the days activities was suggested. Pastor ans Greg are to meet and discuss

  • Doug P. reported on informational meeting on the Park Hills Lutheran Church about their vacancy. Mutual benefit of other congregation being involved was discussed.
    No action taken

  • A Social Media policy was discussed. No Action

  • A replacement for Greg Shinn as a church treasurer is needed. A replacement was discussed and Doug P will follow up.

  • Jason Garner expressed interest in becoming an elder. Steve Thomas will follow up


  • Motion to move the 145th anniversary church service to spring 2019 date-passed