December Minutes 2016- Church Council

Meeting Date/Time: 12/20/2016


Heather Kurtz, Joanne Henderson, Jason Garner, Kraig Sutherland, Greg Stover, Janet Laut, Pastor Foss and Eileen Jones



Old Business:

  • Pastor Foss gave devotion on Luke 2:19. Luke knew Mary and gave her eyewitness account.

  • Tim Crites motioned to approve November 2016 minutes as submitted. Heather Kurtz seconded and the motion passed.

  • Pastor Report – Jason is putting together a call committee to begin work in Jan. Christmas Week is busy. Discussed decision to cancel church for the forecasted weather.

  • Going Beyond Capital Campaign - Total success, after fees will net right at $400,000 over 3 years.

  • Elders Report given by Tim Crites. Have been working on music challenges and a Board of Education issue.

  • Christian Life Report given by Joann Henderson. Midweek dinners and services are good but need more people to come. Valentine’s Day brunch Feb 12, 2016 to honor anniversaries.

  • Trustees Report. They are working on a Facilities Use Policy. Gearing up for snow removal.

New Business:

  • Call Process – Jason Garner will put 7 more folks together to get a call committee formed. Jason Garner, Tim Crites Pastor Foss and Dustin Murray on it already.

  • Next council meeting will be on January 24, 2017.

  • im Crites adjourn with the Lord’s Prayer.


  • Heather Kurtz motioned to add the Synod Constitution Amendment changes to the agenda of the next voters meeting. Tim Crites seconded and motion passed.