July Minute 2017- Education

Meeting Date/Time: 07/14/2017


Sally Shinn, Bethany Petty, Bobbi Karraker, Seth Pegram, Elizabeth Jordan
Heather Jo Hawkins, Dustin Murray, Kenny Allen,



Old Business:

  • Devotion- Heather Hawkins

  • Parent Input-

    Faculty Input -
    Sally shared information from a teacher

  • Organizational Reports:
    Triple C- Back to school swim party has been moved to August 12
    Butter Braids will be moved to Spring fundraiser
    Athletics - Kenny will attend CAC meeting this month
    St. Paul tablecloth has been ordered to use at the soccer's table or promotional events

New Business:

  • Auction- Information has been passed to new chairpersons.

  • School Accounting;
    School Operation Budget - on track
    Auction Funds- on track
    Cafeteria Report- on track

  • Delinquent Families- Mr. Murray continues to work with delinquent families

  • Principal's report: Access points- rewiring access throughout building -$5,700
    Security system will be up and running before school starts( camera will be connected to computers monitors.)
    282 currently enrolled

  • Employee Handbook
    -Heather will continue to make updates to this policy and will share the updated
    document with the Board for approval

  • School Handbook - proposal to accept the School Handbook

  • School Board Policy -on track
    Wellness Policy -Mrs. Bieser will continue working with this policy

  • Little giants account information for banking was changed

  • Executive Session


  • School handbook- passed