June Minute 2017- Education

Meeting Date/Time: 06/20/2017


Sally Shinn, Bethany Petty, Bobbi Karraker, Seth Pegram,
Heather Jo Hawkins, Dustin Murray


Jenny Schweiss, Kenny Allen, Elizabeth Jordan,


Sara Bieser

Old Business:

  • Devotion- Heather Hawkins
    Parent Input-
    Jennifer Blum

    Faculty Input -

  • Employee Handbook- The board will review this for the next month

New Business:

  • Organizational Reports:
    Triple C- Will be planning the back to school swim party
    Athletics - On track
    Auction- On track

  • School Accounting;
    School Operation Budget -Mr. Murray will make revision to his proposal for the school budget
    Auction Funds- on track
    Cafeteria Report- Bobbie motioned to use cafeteria funds to purchase a generator and a washer & dryer.

  • Delinquent Families- Mr. Murray continues to work with delinquent families

  • Principal's report:
    Spanish will be offered for the 7 & 8th grade for 1st semester by Mrs. Tanya Thomas
    Mrs. Fink will offer Art & Drama classes
    7 & 8th grades will be combined and then split into two groups
    teachers will be given a raise- base is $24,500

  • 2017-2018 Budget- The board has discussed Mr. Murray's proposed school budget
    Valedictorian/ Salutatorian Requirement- The board discussed the policy
    School Board Policy- The board will review this policy over the next month

  • Going Beyond Committee is asking that the board included the capital campaign in prayer and devotion

  • Moved to executive session.


  • Funding for generator and washer dryer- Passed

  • 2017-18 School Budget with additions - Passed