June Minutes 2017 Studies

Meeting Date/Time: 06/20/2017


Heather Kurtzs, Leslie Jones, Mark Jones,Eileen Jones, Cathy Jarvis



Steve Thomas- Elder

Old Business:

New Business:

  • VBS- Met with Sarah F. Bible Study & Sara B. craft =sun catcher, disc ordered
    Leslie - snacks, arch books are ordered and will be paid for by a Thrivent grant
    Heather - Crafts ordered from CPH
    Bethany Petty- Pre-school

  • 2 Thrivent grants have been approved -
    Rocky Creek Supplies
    Arch Book

  • Pastor Foss will do opening
    Dustin Murray will be attend when he can

  • Background checks- Heather & Cathy will check the list to make sure it is current
    Online registration has been set- up by Jamie
    Heather will have Jamie correct the grade to 6th grade
    Heather will set up donation board at church for VBS

  • We will meet on July 9 after SS 11:30 We will have all teachers come.
    Mrs. Sherrill requested kids sing Sat & Sun after VBS. After the 445 service to open the 6pm service 7-29 &30
    The BCS will provide will provide Ice Cream for the 445 kids that perform for the 6 O clock service.

  • Sunday School- Mark is working on the new schedule
    Cathy - Beth Moore= Breathe Cathy will order the workbooks. Start June 25th 2017

  • Youth Leader- Nathan Davis submitted a resume . Each member read his application
    Moved to offer the Youth position to Nathan Davis for the Jr & Sr Youth Group Director

  • The BCS is to revise the operational handbook by July 9 meeting.


  • Nathan DAvis - Youth Director - Passed ( Approval of Elders)