March Minute 2017

Meeting Date/Time: 03/14/2017


Tim Crites, Dan Fitzgerald, Steve Thomas, Gary Cooper, Richard Detring, Mike Eaves, Mike Kurtz, Greg Dement,Scott Lix, Ceth Jordan



Pastor Rick Foss and Craig Sutherland

Old Business:

  • Pastor Foss opened with prayer and a Bible study
    Pastors report submitted and approved

New Business:

  • There will be no 445 Service on April 15

  • Pastor Foss requested permission to attend an upcoming Intentional Interim Pastoral Conference. His request was approved

  • Pastor Foss will be at a service for the Stephens Ministry on May 21. Gary Cooper will be teaching Sunday School on that date

  • Easter Sunday services will be 0700 and 1030

  • The Acolyte program and scheduling is being looked into
    Sunday School was discussed

  • The next Board of Elders meeting will be 04-04-2017