March Minute 2017- Education

Meeting Date/Time: 03/21/2017


Sally Shinn, Jenny Schweiss, Bethany Petty, Bobbi Karraker, Kenny Allen,Seth Pegram


Elizabeth Jordan
Heather Jo Hawkins


Dustin Murray

Old Business:

  • Parent Input
    -Eric Bertram

  • School Walk
    -Mr. Murray took the Board on a tour of the school and we were IMPRESSED with student displays!

  • Triple C
    -Fundraising lunch has been rescheduled to April 20

  • Athletics
    Seth motions to appoint Kenny Allen as Athletic Director for 2017-2018 school year

  • Auction
    -Crunch time!

  • School Accounting
    School Operating Budget -looks great!
    Auction Funds -additional money will be allocated for classroom use
    Cafeteria Report -looks great!
    Delinquent Families -Mr. Murray will continue to follow up with these families

  • Principal’s Report
    -AED Machine is installed and faculty have been trained
    -Faculty have also been CPR trained - 16 staff members became certified!
    -Recycling Assembly w/St. Joe
    -Estimated enrollment 274
    -Scholarship window closes on March 31

  • Accreditation 2017 Report -Great!

  • Teacher Handbook -Mr. Murray’s goal is to present this to the Board in April

New Business:

  • Additional lockers will be needed to accommodate student growth
    -Mr. Murray is working to locate products/prices
    -Bobbi motions to allow Mr. Murray to reallocate monies for locker

  • Nurse - Mr. Murray will explore this option

  • SPLHS - Summer Program

  • The Board will revisit scholarship recipients’ attendance policy and confidentiality
    clauses during a future meeting


  • Athletic Director - passed

  • money to be moved for lockers- passed