March Minute 2017- Outreach

Meeting Date/Time: 03/21/2017


Amy Jarrett, Janet Laut, Greg Shinn, Velma Kocher



Old Business:

  • Minutes were submitted and approved

  • Jeff Owens donated action grant to the food pantry.

  • Receipts are turned in for expensive with before church snacks.

  • Complete food pantry- stocked and have added meat

  • Continuing the before church snack at 9:00am service

  • Continuing to send visitors welcome letters and missing you, at church

New Business:

  • Ask Randy Allen about beverages for Oktoberfest ( may be4 donated)

  • Considering purchasing a small deep freeze for the brick house

  • 2 Barbecues over the summer- pork steaks burgers, ect... we will have lunch to make plans. Tickets at school office for purchase. We will decide on dates at lunch.
    Help Ed foundation..
    Our lunch will be April 6th...


  • buy a chest freezer- passed