March Minute 2018- Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 03/13/2018


Tim Crites, Steve Thomas, Pat Province, Greg Dement, Marcus Laut, Gary Cooper, Doug Pratt, Richard Detring, Kim Kollmeyer, Mike Eaves.



Kraig Sutherland and Pastor Foss.

Old Business:

  • Pastor Foss opened with devotion.

  • Paster Foss lead Elders in “The healthy congregation” Bible study.

New Business:

  • Guest speaker spoke to the board concerning Missouri Synod Colloquy education.

  • Discussion concerning the further cooperation with the Board of Christian Education, Board of Elders, and Congregation Chair.

  • Discussed plans for Pastor Constien and his family visiting St. Paul.

  • Discussed the new deacon program and how the visits they have been able to do had gone.

  • Adjourned with The Lords Prayer.


  • A motion was made by Mike Eaves and seconded by Gary Cooper to accept Christian Lancaster’s resignation as organist. Vote was taken and passed.

  • A motion was made by Doug Pratt and seconded by Richard Detring to accept Ann Mell as organist. Vote was taken and passed.
    Compensation for the organist was discussed.

  • A motion was made by Kim Kollmeyer and seconded by Doug Pratt to provide an elder as an ex-official member to the Board of Christian Education. Vote was taken and passed.