March Minutes 2018- Church Council

Meeting Date/Time: 03/27/2018


Kraig Sutherland , Marjorie Tedder, Tammy Degroot, Greg Shinn, Tim Crites



Pastor Foss

Old Business:

  • Minutes approved

New Business:

  • Pastor Report: 6:15pm
    • Talking with law enforcement people. Who know security to form sub-committee to access plan to implement and train for security for church and school. These people could help make a good plan for security.
    • Deacons are up and running, have 5 trained, giving communion to people not able to come to church.
    Discussion: Question, will we try to expand to more than just communion?
    Answer: Pastor said that the Stevens’ Ministry would be good to handle other types of visits.
    Note: Pastor Steven Constien is trained for Stevens’ Ministry

  • Principals’ Report: None

  • Treasurers’ Report: 6:35pm
    • There is 33% of year left for Operating budget. We are about $5600 under budget. Last year we had a $50,000 donation, at present tithes are down. We need to pray and help with the auction, reach out to Mrs. Holtz for ways to help the auction. Need to send out pledge statements.

  • Call Committee:
    • Extended call to Pastor Constien.
    • Pastor Constien came to visit last weekend. He toured schools, came to all the church services. Pastor Foss asked for us to pray for Pastor Constien. Will hear back from Pastor Constien after Easter.
    • April 15th is the Going Beyond Celebration. Will be asking for new pledges and sending out pledge statements.
    • God has blessed us in many ways since starting the campaign, it is a celebration of the church.

  • Church Council:
    Kraig Sutherland said he is looking ahead for Voters Meeting, to vote on new leadership.
    Would like to postpone April Voters Meeting until after the auction for that meeting so we are able to plan better.
    The following names will be up for a vote of approval as board members at the May Voters meeting.
    Doug Pratt: President
    Board of Elders Chairman: Steve Thomas
    Board of Christian Studies: Jamie Lipe
    Board of Christian Education: Brad Detring, Eileen Jones, Heather Garner, Tracy Laut

  • Approval of 2018/2019 Fiscal budget as presented

  • Board of Elders:
    • Monetary scholarship
    • Accepted Christian Lancaster’s resignation and Ann Mell is to replace organist
    • Had more discussion on Cooperating Christian Education to bring unity. Learn new ways to work together and communicate. Found out that we were not all on the same page in past on some subjects.
    • Discussed Pastor Constien’s visit
    • Discussed Deacon Program
    • Moving Elders Meeting to April 3rd.

  • Christian Studies:
    • We are changing the job description for Youth Leader to separate 5-8th grade and high school.
    • Working on getting leaders for 5th thru 8th grade.
    • Have A Sunday School teacher for high school but will not start until this fall when school starts.
    • VBS plans in progress and coming along.
    • Having a Woman’s Summer Bible Study starting in May, led by Eileen Jones.
    • Camp Windemere plans are being finalized and set for youth to attend.

  • Christian Outreach:
    • Going to have activities during BBQ’s this year.
    • Planning to have community meal like the Methodist Church has.
    • There are Shut in yard needs, need people that can help.
    • How do we get group together to help people?

  • Christian Life:
    • For the Easter Breakfast on Saturday and Celebration Sunday it may be raining Saturday, will have the Easter Egg Hunt in gymnasium. Sending out a PIE to let everyone know that it will go on rain or shine.

  • Finance: None
    Trustees: None

  • Board of Education: Teacher resigned, going to have permanent substitute until the end of the year


  • Motion 1- Passed