March Minutes- 2019 Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 03/12/2019


Steve Thomas, Kim Kollmeyer, Richard Detring, Pat Province, Jason Garner


Gary Cooper, Jason Garner,Greg Dement, Kraig Sutherland, Marcus Laut, Ceth Jordan, Doug Pratt


Old Business:

  • Minutes were approved

  • Pastor report : Lenten Schedule is set.

  • Elders report: The elders Robs need to be replaced. Doug P will research price and elders will decide to order new ones.
    Common will be at both Easter Services

  • 145th Anniversary Service was attended and received. Approximately 180 people attended the dinner

  • The in active list was passed around. there was discussion on how to reach out and encourage these members . We will discuss this in detail next month.

New Business: