May – Minutes – Council

Meeting Date/Time: 05/22/2018


Kraig Sutherland , Marjorie Tedder, Tammy Degroot, Greg Shinn, Janet Laut


Tim Crites,


Doug Pratt

Old Business:

  • Doug Pratt opened with devotion and prayer

  • Minutes approved from last meeting

New Business:

  • PASTOR REPORT: None, on vacation

  • TREASURERS’ REPORT: (Greg Shinn)
    • Reviewed statement of Income/Expenses for the Building fund and operations.
    (see attached reports dated April 30th, 2018)
    • Waiting until this fall to discuss budget, after we have a better idea of enrollment and what other revenues look like.
    • Averaging $30,000/mo. in tithes. Down $70,000 to $80,000/yr. in tithes, hoping for this to turn around after new pastor starts.
    • Expenses are down, which helps.
    • Motion to Approve Treasurers’ Report.

  • Elders/Call Committee (Doug Pratt)
    • Pastor Constein visited last week and found a couple of houses in the area.
    • Jamie gave Pastor Constein an Itinerary.
    • Getting quotes for moving. Doug offered to assist with moving.
    • Pastor Foss’s last day is June 3rd with a potluck dinner, Elders are buying chicken and everyone is bringing a dish.
    • Pastor Constein’s first week is June 17th as a guest pastor.
    • June 24th is the installation at 3pm. With no brunch because of the lack of time. Will do a welcome dinner at another time.
    • Collecting money to purchase gift for Pastor Foss.

  • Christion Outreach: (Janet Laut)
    • BBQ’s going forward
    • Darlene Detring has quilts to be given to Police and Fire Departments..
    • World mission: To buy coffee from farmers in South America.
    • Local mission: To form “St. Paul servants of God” to help persons needing assistance with work around their house that will include community people as well. Will tie this into our youth group.

  • Christian Studies: (Cathy Jarvis)
    • Still need new members
    • On schedule for VBS, looking for more teachers
    • Doing Power Point Presentation of VBS to show congregation.
    • Swim Party last day of VBS.
    • Having older children help with VBS
    • Blue Church bags have been updated
    • Greg Shinn has volunteered to be the High School Youth Leader
    • Kraig Sutherland recommends talking to trustees (Todd Smith) about Youth Group House.

  • Christian Life: (Margie Tedder)
    • Potluck after church for Pastor Foss, everyone brings a dish
    • Date to have Pastor Constein’s welcome dinner, maybe August. Going to ask pastor when would be good for him.
    • Would like to send out letter to congregation about new pastor, possibly a flyer using bulk rate.

  • Christion Education: (Greg Shinn sitting in for Sally)
    • End of year was successful
    • Working on salaries

  • No Council meeting or regular All Boards meetings in June.


  • Motion 1
    • Need Jr. High Youth Leader
    • Eileen Jones has Bible study group. Waiting for Pastor Constein before starting any new Bible studies.
    • No Sunday School June 3r,d, instead will have send off for Pastor Foss.