Oct. Minutes 2017- Church Council

Meeting Date/Time: 10/24/2017


, Kraig Sutherland , Marjorie Tedder, Dustin Murray, Tammy Degroot, Cathy Jarvis,


Greg Shinn, Tim Crites, Kim Kollmeyer, Doug Pra


Old Business:

  • Pastor/Principal Report: More than 283 students now enrolled.
    NLSA has went to evidence based curriculum.
    Kids packed 202 boxes for Operation Christmas Child cost of $1800.00.
    8th Grade volunteered at the Help the Hungry
    Emphasizing Craig Thomas Words, having assemblies each month, each grade chooses a word to present. Children are accommodated for going beyond the standard.
    Veterans’ day November 10th Starts @ 8:30 includes breakfast.
    Not able to go to Saxony, due to reformation and other activities.
    Mike Bliss fund raiser for Buses.
    Janet Laut asked what are kids doing for reformation? Mr. Murray answered: Different stations, set up as Skits, also including Trinity Church.
    Starting a “Giants Care” to help out specific persons that need help

  • Treasury: Not present

  • Constitution Committee: Velma declined the position.
    Outreach committee chose Heather Garner.
    Meeting with Pastor Foss week of November 7th. Key areas to get work done is to put together Sunday Service. Looking for growth of the church

  • Call Process: Met with Gene Wideman and went over survey results of 200 people in congregation. 30% is a normal response from congregation and we received almost 50%.
    35% of respondents were 65 and older and the percentages went down from there.
    Communication needs to be updated to improve responses.
    Survey showed we want to have Bible based preaching.
    Survey showed we don’t do enough in community, even though we actually do a lot of missions.
    We need to celebrate.
    Unity is poor, we need to build unity within the church
    Wants to grow all the boards. Challenge is don’t grow just to grow. We need to get more people involved.
    Need to get list together of people on boards. With the help of Jamie, Tammy is putting list together.
    Circuit Pastor Henderickson meeting on October 26th to review data. Pastor Hagan will choose the men we get to interview.
    Hope to get names 3 to 4 weeks from now. Maybe end of year?

  • Elders: Trying to have smooth transition to new pastor.

New Business:


  • To improve the air conditioning units with Church Endowment Fund- passed