Sept. Minutes 2017 Studies

Meeting Date/Time: 09/19/2017


Heather Kurtzs, Leslie Jones, Tammy DeGroot,Eileen Jones, Cathy Jarvis, Mark Jones



Old Business:

  • Youth Group- Sept 17,2017 at BOGO
    31 children in attendance Discussed new projects.
    Doug Thomas made Chili for everyone, donated it.
    Nathan got the word out about the meeting
    Safe Church forms have been completed and turned in.

New Business:

  • Sunday School- Mrs. Sherrill will teach the pre-k class Tammy DeGroot will be the helper.

  • The board would like to met the called teachers to help us get the S>S attendance improved and review any new ideas. We would also like to invite Sara Bieser and Amy Eaves to help. Also Tanya Thomas & Sarah Folk

  • Heather will send a text about meeting Oct, 1 at 11:30 in conference room to brainstorm new ideas. We will bring a light lunch.