Special Meeting Minutes- Studies

Meeting Date/Time: 06/11/2017


Heather Kurtzs, Leslie Jones, Eileen Jones, Cathy Jarvis, Tammy DeGroot




Pastor Foss, Greg Shinn, Nathan Davis, Caroline McClanahan

Old Business:

New Business:

  • Greg Shinn reports that the budget allows for a small stipend to be used for the Jr. & Senior Youth program. This budget will allow for a small stipend to eb paid for a leader(s) and activities for both groups. The leader will work closely with Pastor Foss to ensure christian leadership, bible studies, and activities are provided.

  • Greg Shinn also suggested and brought to the meeting a possible candidate for the position. Nathan Davis said he was interested in leading the Youth groups for St. Paul.
    Nathan is a life long Lutheran and volunteers at church and school. The BCS considered his remarks concerning this issue.

  • The BCS discussed the budget and leader position and recommended that we open the position to anyone from our congregation to apply via a resume delivered to Heather Kurtzby 3:00on June 20,2017. All eligible applications will be considered for the position. BCS also emphasized that Bible study should be a priority for the youth along with service projects, activities ect.

  • The BCS will review the Operational handbook concerning the job description of youth leader and revised as necessary.

  • It has also come to the attention of the BCS that the white house is now available for the Youth to use. It has also come to the attention of the BCS that Friday eve and Sundays are now free of sports activities.

  • With a review of previous times that the Youth Group met successfully we had a discussion . Possible times:
    Sunday 4:30 to 6 Jr. Youth
    5:30 to 7 Sr. Youth
    Over lap of time will be for bible study

  • Heather will put this announcement in the prophet, text and Facebook

  • Regular meeting June 20,2017