Feb. Minutes 2018- Congregational Voters Meeting

Meeting Date/Time: 02/25/2018


Kraig Sutherland & Doug Pratte



Old Business:

New Business:

  • Special Business to Ratify Call to Pastor and ratify new Elders

  • Kraig Sutherland speaks; This has been a God led process, Thanks to the Call committee.
    This is God’s choice not ours.

  • Vote to ratify Pat Province, Marcus Laut, Gary Cooper and Kim Kollmeyer to the board of Elders.

  • Doug Pratt speaks; He described what the call committee did to achieve this task;
    The district gave them 18 names, they got that number down to 9, they went through the complete list and got it down to 2 men.
    The committee made a list of 14 questions to ask the perspective pastors.
    Profiles displayed of the 2 pastors shown on screens.
    We have 2 choices because if something happened to who was chosen we would have to start the call process over.
    Q. How will we get to know new pastor?
    A. If we decide to call the pastor we will be bringing him here in the next couple weeks.
    Q. Why did we choose this pastor?
    A. Pastor Constien was moved by the Spirit to be called.

  • Pastor Foss said a prayer during the ballot voting.
    Voting for Board of Elders ratified

  • The impact of budget for call is positive.
    Jeff Krekeler announced new Bible Study on Mondays at 6pm.


  • Voter’s unanimously chose to call Pastor Steven Constien
    Elders- Passed