Jan. Minutes- 2019 Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 01/08/2019


Steve Thomas, Gary Cooper, Kim Kollmeyer, Jason Garner,Kraig Sutherland, Richard Detring, Greg Dement,Gary Cooper,Pat Province, Jason Garner


Tim Crites, Doug Pratt, Ceth Jordan


Old Business:

  • Pastor report : Funds were donated for the sound system improvement for the 445 service. The equipment is on site. The staff is working on technical upgrade. The snow schedule was discussed. The Pastor, elders, and trustees will decide on services held in bad weather. Live streaming the service was discussed. We will live stream the Sat. night service in case Sunday service is cancelled.

  • Elders Report:
    Gary Cooper gave communion to members at Presbyterian Home. Randy Merrill was visited by the Pastor, Shut in members appreciated the Christmas gifts from the Sunday School and adult bible class.
    Delinquent members were discussed. Steve suggested each elder contact 3-4n people or families to invite to church. Janet Laut suggested invitation be sent out to delinquent members.

New Business:

  • Steve Thomas talked to Mark Clauser about securing the church doors. Mark said the doors could not retrofit safety measures into the old doors. Building security was also discussed.

  • The 145th anniversary service was discussed

  • Ash Wednesday is March 6. Easter Sunday is April 21.

  • The Elders discussed giving the Pastor week end off. He has preached every weekend since July.


  • 145th service on Sunday 2/24 at 9am. No Sat.2/23