June Minute 2017- Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 06/13/2017


Tim Crites, Mike Kurtz, Gary Cooper, Doug Pratt,Greg Dement, Scott Lix, Steve Thomas, Pastor Foss


Dan Fitzgerald, Ceth Jordan


Jason Garner & Craig Sutherland

Old Business:

  • Minutes were read and approved with one change to the date for the Alzheimer event held at Farmington High School correct date September 9,2017

  • Pastor report submitted and approved

New Business:

  • VBS will be last week of July. The Elders have been requested to help as needed

  • Transition Team has now become the call committee and are making good progress

  • Time Crites will remain the Chair of Elders
    Steve Thomas - Vice Chair
    Mike Kurtz- Secretary

  • Youth director was discussed

  • Discussed the church services