August Minutes 2017- Church Council

Meeting Date/Time: 08/22/2017


Pastor Foss, Heather Kurtz, Greg Shinn, Kraig Sutherland , Sally Shinn, Marjorie Tedder, Dustin Murray, Tim Crites



Old Business:

  • Pastor Report: Meeting with all boards individually to formulate a plan for the boards. Discussed Reformation plans to celebrate with other local congregations.

  • Principal’s Report: 283 children registered in school, Staff changes, also Mrs. Bieser Assistant Principal, new phone system, repairing Security Cameras, new WIFI, hired Part Time Nurse, closing parking lot @2:00 daily for school dismissal, Put School name on Front Doors, working on strategic planning

  • Treasurer’s Report: Budget adjustments. Hit budget due to frugal spending, Income/Expense operating Account attached.

  • Kraig Sutherland suggested the High School referencing cost of using Elementary School for events. Heather Kurtz suggested a board member sit in on HS board meeting/Also mentioned Business Partner Program.
    Kraig Sutherland would like to announce to congregation the blessings that have already occurred due to the Going Beyond program.

  • Christian Outreach: 2BBQs made $2200 each. Benefiting various organizations. September 16th is Oktoberfest to include live music, food, games, car show, etc…

  • Call Committee: Sending out survey in September, would like school children to help with hard copies being entered in computer.

New Business:

  • Kraig Sutherland: Wants to put together committee to update Church Constitution

  • Kraig Sutherland: Discussed the new worship service, our responsibility to grow as a church. Elders had town hall meeting
    and spoke with members before making the good decision to move 445 to Sunday. After receiving more information decided to keep the
    445 service and add the Praise and Worship service on Sunday. There is a value of having 2 Sunday services with Sunday School in
    the middle.

  • Board of Elders: Tim Crites Read summary from last meeting.

  • Board of Christian Studies: Talked about Youth Group leader, Nathan Davis deciding to include the 5th
    grade in Youth
    Group. Woman’s bible study, Mark Jones search for Pre-k-K Sunday School teacher, Reconciliation Bible Study. Discussed VBS parent
    upset regarding Background Check policies

  • Christian Life: Working on Church directory, deserts for Octoberfest, Memorial Service and Cradle Roll Call

  • Board of Christian Education: See Old business, Principal’s Report on page 1