August Minutes 2018 Education

Meeting Date/Time: 08/21/2018


Brad Detring, Heather Garner, Cathy Jarvis, Eileen Jones,Elizabeth Jordan, Kenny Allen



Sara Bieser, Kraig Sutherland
Teachers Mrs. Keown and Mrs. Woodson, Doug Pratt, Greg Shinn

Old Business:

  • Brad called meeting to order and welcomed Mrs. Keown and Mrs. Woodson.

  • Doug Pratt reported Elders are working on communication policy in regard to how and what can be used on social media in regard to school and church.
    Also noted that minutes should not be submitted to office until officially approved by board members at the following month meeting.
    Meetings are to be held in civilized manner. No tolerance of anger and should adjourn until those in attendance can meet again in civilized manner.
    Elders and Church Council will be holding a meeting with basketball conference coaches to review good sportsmanship rules and then will meet with St. Paul parents to review rules as well.
    Athletic handbook will be reviewed and changes made where updates are needed.

  • Parent Input: None at this time.

  • Faculty Input: None at this time. Mrs. Keown requested prayer for school and kids.

  • School Operating Budget: Dustin reviewed recap.

  • Treasure Report: Greg Shinn reviewed church and school budget. We are running behind. Decrease in tuition income is a big part of decrease. School foundation still has to raise $30K to get to $60K we are budgeted for. Everyone needs to support foundation fund raisers!

  • Anti-Bully Policy – Seth Pegram hasn’t had time to rewrite. After discussion was agreed for board to review the public school policy. Dustin passed out copies of policy. Board to review and bring back any appropriate changes to next meeting. Mentioned that Mrs. Pinkley was looking into something on kindness. Elizabeth suggested Dustin talk to Seth about anything that Guy Helms could maybe share.

New Business:

  • Reports Organization:
    Triple C – Back to school swim party in Park Hills was held with handful in attendance. September meeting is moving to September 10th.
    Auction – Heather reported no meeting has been held yet. Will start meeting in September on Sunday evenings. Have had a lot of people sign up to help.
    Athletics – Dustin reported physicals are being held this Thursday evening. Volleyball starts Friday. Have A and B teams. Soccer starts Saturday. Coaches are all in place.

  • Principle’s Report: August 12th teacher blessing in church went well. Open houses were well attended and went well. After school dismal is going good. Dustin started “Monday Minute” message on Facebook. Plans to do every Monday. Chapel families will be meeting this Friday and start attending chapel together starting with next Wednesday chapel. Sara said teachers are reading “Teach Like a Pirate” book for devotions. First Friday half day faculty meeting is coming up.

  • School Attendance/Tardiness –Concern brought up at teacher forum. Sara agreed to take responsibility of monitoring this.
    Church and Sunday School Attendance – Elizabeth to look for old previous policy as to how tuition discount relates to membership church/Sunday School attendance. Needs to be joint effort with administration and pastor to bring attendance attention to families. Kraig to work with Elders and Brad on issue. Brad to attend next Board of Elders meeting.
    Chain of Command discussed on what to do when board receives complaints from parents. (see handbook)
    Stakeholders – Need parent volunteer from each class to do strategic planning. Eileen Jones will coordinate. Heather to put together a ½ page flyer to go home next week.
    Marketing Committee – Elizabeth reminded board she needs list of people to work on committee by end of week. Sara Folk was suggested and noted that Mrs. Fink is working on student newspaper and may be of help.
    Parent Forum is September 7th.

  • Next meeting is Tuesday, September 18th with all boards opening at 6:00 PM and board meeting to start at 6:30 PM. (Changed 9/13/18 to move meeting to Wednesday, September 19th at 5:00 PM, followed by training session to be taught by Mr. Freeman from Synod Office. Training session to start at 6:30 PM.)


  • July Minutes: Elizabeth made motion to accept July minutes as recorded. Eileen seconded motion. Motion passed.

  • motion to accept as reported on budget -passed.