February Minute Finance -2016

Meeting Date/Time: 02/16/2016


Greg Shinn, Greg Stover, Mark Jones



Old Business:

New Business:

  • Financial Results as of 1/31/2016 = $8,600 ahead of budget
    Transfered in from foundation about 47,000
    Foundation has raised about $64,000
    Needs another $23,000 to meet the $50,000 matching

  • Building debit fund balance $4,500
    Shinn & Stover to meet with Ozark Federal to renegotiate the loan
    Building fee will be increased next year.
    Needs about $56,000 annually now to meet debt obligated from other than building fees.

  • Phone-a-thon fundraiser for school & strategy try for 1/day 360/year
    from fund raiser notebook from Mr. Giesselmann