July Minutes 2015- Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 07/14/2015


Mike Kurtz, Ken Kelly, Tim Crites, Gary Cooper, Daniel Fitzgerald, Scott Lix, Mike Eaves
Pastor King & Jerry Hoeflein


Richard Detring, Doug Pratt, Steve Thomas,Ceth Jordan


Old Business:

New Business:

  • Inquired about prayer request procedures.

  • Elders reported on their interest of ministry. During discussion it was brought up that people with in the church need to be contacted about their specific areas of interest.

  • Discussed the 3 principals for the upcoming school year.

  • Congrats to Pastor King for being elected at the District convention to the Circuit Visitor and nominations Committees.

  • Several Elders pointed out how they have enjoyed the Stewardship Sermon Series

  • Weekly Communion was talked about and how there has been positive feedback from the congregation.

  • Discussion was held about whether an Elder can also serve as Vice-President of the congregation. The topic was tabled until further review

  • Stephen Ministry to start next month. Training will be every Wednesday until Advent. Only those who are commissioned can serve .


  • to take to church council , to move to 3 church services - passed

  • Communion for every service- passed