Nov – Minutes 2019- Council

Meeting Date/Time: 11/19/2019


Mark Jones, Pat Klaus, Marsha Buckley, Margie Tedder, Leslie Jones, Nancy Kreckler, Pastor Constien



Old Business:

  • OPENING DEVOTIONS: Pastor gave opening devotions
    Minutes revised/approved from previous month -

  • I. Reports

  • A. Pastor’s:
    • See Attached sheet and also included is Elders Retreat
    • Boards need to think about what our needs are for members.
    • Have been running deficit since 2012 on the Concordia Plan. Shared steps with representative on how we were fixing the problem and he was happy with what we were doing.
    • Reforming finance committee to include people from a couple of different boards.

  • COMMENT: Mrs. Buckley mentioned church members aren’t familiar with Concordia Services and what it is exactly. Tami Propst was commended for working to get Concordia Paid.
    • There has been a wonderful response from members in helping to alleviate the problem paying Concordia Plan.
    • Pastor said we need a realistic budget without running a deficit.

  • Question: Food, is anyone doing soup and sandwich before advent services?
    Answer: High School waiting to be asked to do food for services.
    Question: Gary needs a list of who is on boards and how many should be on the Boards
    Answer: Constitution says 6 plus 1 chairman is required on all boards.

  • B. Principal- no report

  • C. Treasurer’s:
    • See Attached operating expense sheet dated 10/31/2019 that also includes a comparison sheet.
    • Noticed adjustment to Going Beyond amount to correct total.
    Mrs. Buckley commented: Will be happy when we get a finance committee to over see different finance decisions.

  • A. Board of Elders:
    • We are visiting quite a few people
    • Board of Finance working hard to get together
    • Elders taking active participation in church
    • One of Elders Goal is to get more people involved.
    • Elders are in constant prayer for the church.

  • B. Board of Christian Studies:
    • We need new members
    • Discussed money issues
    • Bought goody bags for Shut-Ins, putting them together this weekend.
    • Sent $100.00 to Emmanuel, spent $23.00 for coffee
    • Having Christmas program on December 22, with practice during Sunday School on December 1st, 8th and 15th
    • Our new Youth leaders are Jamie Montgomary and Elizabeth Constien, and Mr. Murray Is leading the Senior Youth.
    • Pastor wants Christian Studies to reach out to the Youth leaders

  • C. Board of Christian Outreach:
    • Had a good turnout of H the SEMO Family Violence coat drive.
    • Doing Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets
    • Bell ringing in December for Minstrel Alliance
    • Doing one item a month for food items

  • D. Board of Christian Life:
    • The 145th Year Celebration will be April 19th 2020, with a Pot luck dinner for the School. Faculty is doing some organizing
    • Thought was not to have church Saturday to move people to Sunday for Celebration.
    • Will be using people from each committee to help.
    • Need speakers and lots of stuff to do. At the 125th Celebration they had tents set up, closed the street and fed over 400 people.

  • E. Board of Finance- No report
    F. Board of Trustees-No report
    G. Board of Christian Education-No report

  • Directory:
    • Has a lot of information included
    • Trying to decide what to include, boards, and everything about church?
    • Do we want to publish phone numbers?
    Pastor suggested just to include list of boards and member information

New Business:

  • Pipe Organ Repair
    • Repairs were completed today
    • Took 6 years to complete
    • Having Recital December 29th with refreshments following the recital
    • Need 2 elders to help
    • 4 guest organist are coming
    • Happening on Anniversary of Jim’s passing
    • Thank you for all the help raising the money
    • Asking for approval for recital to dedicate the organ
    • Is there enough insurance for organ valued at $350,000.00?

  • • Eric Spiker approached Pat Rausch about doing a Chrisken Market that would include crafts, ornaments and gifts for Christmas.
    • Have spoke with 18 to 20 vendors so far.
    • How to provide electricity for vendors
    • Who would you talk with to get updated electrical for 2nd Advent weekend of 2020 from 5 to 10 pm.

  • IV. Closed with The Lord’s Prayer