Oct. Minutes 2017 Studies

Meeting Date/Time: 10/17/2017


Heather Kurtzs, Leslie Jones, Tammy DeGroot, Cathy Jarvis,


Mark Jones, Nathan Davis,,Eileen Jones


Old Business:

  • Church Screens- Cathy will send info to Jamie , to add all SS info
    Changed the first day of Pre-K to Nov. 12
    Youth Group - No report

  • VBS_ no report order kit in Jan

New Business:

  • Need to expand the Board of Christian Studies invite members personally. Needs to hold election this eve.

  • Sunday School - Oct 29th - Tammy will talk with Sharon to confirm this

  • Tammy Degroot - nominated : Cathy Jarvis - President
    Heather Kurtz - V.P.
    Leslie Jones Secretary

  • Tabled Sunday School- Rally day in Nov.
    We will concentrate on family activity in Dec.
    Family Advent:
    Fast Track
    Weekly news letter
    CAthy will type all info

  • We will change the opening by Dec. 3
    have music
    away from adults...

  • Offering money from Sunday School classes designate gift from the wish tree at christmas. Make gift bags for hut ins.

  • Bullietin Board- we would like to reclaim the one in the school hallway . Cathy will check with the office.
    We would like to put the new information about SS there.

  • Meda Blitz- for Sunday School
    Cathy will work with Julie, Jamie,Heather Garner, Facebook, Church Mouse, Fast Direct, Prophet, School Newsletter.

  • Family Event- we will pack gift bags on Dec. 5 that will go to the nursing home


  • Nominations- Passed