Oct – Minutes 2019- Council

Meeting Date/Time: 10/15/2019


Pastor Constien, Margie Tedder, Marsha Buckley, Brad Detring, Greg Shinn, Gary Cooper, Mark Jones, Eric Spiker, Tammy DeGroot



Old Business:

  • OPENING DEVOTIONS: Pastor started with prayer

  • Minutes revised/approved from previous month - Approved

  • Pastor’s: See Attached report

  • B. Principal:
    • We have 237 students
    • October 27th is Trunk or Treat
    Question: What organization does Trunk or Treat?
    Answer: Triple C
    • Staff went to LEA Convocation
    • Veteran’s Day Celebration is November 11th
    • November 17th Drama Department is having play “Under the Big Top”
    • A Volleyball Team going to State November 8,9,10.

  • C. Treasurer’s:
    • Had special meeting for finance as discussed in last meeting
    • Bereavement fund is part of endowment.
    • Gym floor account has $1600.00, decided to keep that account active to maintain the floor.
    • Country Store/Organ fund was hoping we could use it, but not possible, balance is needed for maintenance.
    • There are a couple of special funds that could be moved to general funds totaling $3700.00.
    • Including in Prophet the amount we need to taking in verses what we are actually receiving.
    • Jamie found a “Going Beyond” letter and will be sending out a reminder of what we have promised.
    • Pastor mentioned we have one more “push” due from LCEF,

  • A. Board of Elders
    • Pastor asked for an 11:00am and an evening Advent Service, and it was approved.
    • Had special meeting to develop plans:
    1. Come to agreement of mission for school/church.
    2. Lifting up boards and ask new people to serve on boards

  • B. Board of Christian Studies:
    • Working on the Christmas Program.
    • Youth Group just had a bonfire at the Jordan’s.
    • Senior Youth has a donation of a Flat Screen TV to the White House.

  • C. Board of Christian Outreach:
    • Octoberfest broke even
    • October 23rd is a work day from 12:30 to 3:00.
    • Doing the SEMO Family Violence Coat Drive\
    • Also having a Toy Drive
    • Will be doing Community meals in November

  • D. Board of Christian Life:
    • Helping with Octoberfest
    • Working on details for All Saints Day

  • G. Board of Christian Education:
    • Did not have a way for people to know what comes after words on board policy regarding the change for the meeting times.

  • Church Directory needs to have more work done on it.

New Business:

  • Add 15 minutes more to council meeting to be 7:15pm

  • VI. Pastor Constien closed with reading from Romans 3:19-28.88


  • : To change the time for Church Council meeting from 6:00 to 7:00 on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and change the time for All Boards from 6:30 to 6:00 on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.- Approved