Sept. Minutes- 2018 Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 09/11/2018


Tim Crites, Steve Thomas, Pat Province, Gary Cooper, Kim Kollmeyer, Greg Dement,Doug Pratt,


Richard Detring, Marcus Laut, Ceth Jordan


Old Business:

  • Pastors gave his report
    Minutes were approved

  • 1. Oktoberfest service on Oct.6th will be a more relaxed servie.
    2. Elders are handing out prophet at all church services.
    3. Elders will hand out the Monthly Message at the first Sunday of each month.
    4. Communion call visit were given.
    5. Pastor handed out a new nursing home/ shut-in list and it was discussed.

New Business:

  • Doug Pratt nominated Nick Gibson to be on the school board

  • Joe Barnes has been talked to and agrred to be a trustee.
    Tom Buckley has been contacted to be a trustee.
    The third planning meeting will be on 9/12at noon

  • Thrivent will sponsor a work day at the Storz home on Saturday 10/27.

  • The Elders discussed St. Paul facilities being used to play bingo for fund raising.Motion not to allow
    Doug & Pastor will resolve the situation

  • Quilting ladies have over 200 quilts to display at Oktoberfest.

  • Doug Pratt volunteered to provide a shuttle service for Oktoberfest.

  • New Member brunch has been scheduled for 10/21.
    10/25 is a potluck for reformation Sunday

  • 11/4 is the annual memorial service with reception

  • Discussed a new entrance to the front of church.

  • Adjourned with the Lords Prayer


  • Nick Gibson to be on school board- passed

  • No bingo at St. Paul facilities - passed