Prayer Requests

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The St. Paul Lutheran Church prayer request program sends out prayer requests, important reminders and a weekly digest of website updates to our subscribers via e-mail. Adding you to the program will be a true blessing, your prayers are both needed and greatly appreciated.

Please contact the Church Office if you would like to be included in the email list.  Or use this online form:

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer Request (1/13/2022) - Please pray for : Delmar & Virginia Elders with health challenges. Scott Williams recovery form septic shock due to pneumonia he has been in ICU since Christmas,  is coming home soon ! Dave Edwards recovering from Covid.
  • Prayer Request (1/10/2022) - Please pray for Dave Edwards (Courtney Detring’s dad) he has covid and his oxygen levels are low  and is going to the hospital.
  • Prayer Request (1/7/2022) - Please pray for Walter Neiter he was on vacation with his daughter and fell, he hit his head and was hospitalized in Barbados. He is being released and needs prayers for safe travels home and healing.
  • Prayer Request (1/6/2022) - Please pray for Darlene McWilliam’s cousin, Barb Stottler, she  has been placed on hospice care.
  • Prayer Request (1/4/2022) - Please pray for : Ed Street ( Jason Street’s Dad)he was diagnosed with Pancreatic  cancer . Shelton Sago he retired last week and had a massive heart attach and is in MO Bapt hospital. He is doing well.
  • Prayer Request (12/30/2021) - Please pray for: Martha Smith (Nancy Krekeler’s fr) she has had a stroke. Kent Berkley (Pam Ross’ nephew) he has pancreatic cancer and the experimental  treatment isn’t working.
  • Prayer Request (12/28/2021) - Please pray for: Bo Huhman, his surgery went well,  and now he is being weened off the vent & in recovery. Ruth Simmons’ mother passed away and will be sent to Michigan for funeral. Please keep Ruth and her brother … Continue reading
  • Prayer Request (12/28/2021) - Please pray for Sally Shinn, she was admitted today to  the hospital with covid pneumonia.
  • Prayer Request (12/27/2021) - Please Prayer for Les Dyck( Gary Cooper Fr) he is having stents put in today.
  • Prayer Request (12/20/2021) - Please pray for: Jerry Chamberlain, Tami’s Dad he is at the hospital with irregular heart rate & MaryAnn Propst, Tami’s mother in law she is back at the hospital, both are waiting for rooms to be admitted. Pray for healing … Continue reading
  • Prayer Request (12/18/2021) - Please pray for Christine Hanger (Jamie’s frs mom) she was taken by ambulance to Mo Bapt Hospital in grave condition.
  • Prayer Request- Memorial Service (12/15/2021) - Please pray for the family & friends of Mildred Wiley as she went to her heavenly home. Memorial Gathering  Cozean Memorial Chapel Tuesday, December 21, 2021 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Service at 6:00 PM
  • Prayer Request (12/14/2021) - Mildred Wiley passed away yesterday. Please keep her family in your prayers. Arrangements are pending. Please pray for Hunter Dunn, friend of Janet Laut. He is sixteen years old and has an eye disease.  
  • Prayer Request (12/13/2021) - Please pray for Ceth Jordan, he was in an accident and has a rupture eye socket had to have surgery for it.
  • Prayer Request (12/10/2021) - Prayer Request  update on Bo’s condition. He was able to leave the hospital but must stay in Boston.  He will have a pre cath on the 22nd, cath on the 23rd, and surgery on the 28th of this month. Please … Continue reading
  • Prayer Request (12/9/2021) - Please pray for Martha Jarrell, she is in the hospital with liver issues.
  • Prayer Request (12/8/2021) - Please pray for Eddie Rennie ( fr of Bethany Sherrill) has covid and is in the hospital not doing well.
  • Advent Service 12/8/2021 (12/7/2021) - “This Night Alight!:  Advent Worship Under God’s Stars” Please join us for Wednesday Advent services, December  8, at  11:00 a.m. or 6:30 p.m 5:30 the Youth will be serving Spaghetti, bread, salad, dessert and drinks..
  • Prayer Request (12/7/2021) - Please pray for Harland Price ( Tom Price’s Brother) he is having Gall bladder surgery and is very sick with an infection. Pray for him and his family.
  • Prayer Request (12/6/2021) - Please Pray for Kyle Lotz, he is feeling really well and has had a good six week break. This break end this Wednesday the 8th. He will have a scan and results on Wednesday!! From the results of this scan … Continue reading