Prayer Requests

To submit a prayer request, please see the Contact Us page. Select the recipient “Prayer Request (PIE)”. Fill out the remaining fields in the form and click SUBMIT.

The St. Paul Lutheran Church prayer request program sends out prayer requests, important reminders and a weekly digest of website updates to our subscribers via e-mail. Adding you to the program will be a true blessing, your prayers are both needed and greatly appreciated.

Please contact the Church Office if you would like to be included in the email list.  Or use this online form:

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer Request (3/14/2019)- Please pray for Michelle Chaney  (Lillie Cooper’s niece) she is in the ER.
  • Prayer Request (3/8/2019)- Please pray for Pat Rothmuch (Mickie McClanahan’s fr) she was diagnosed with cancer
  • PRAYER REQUEST (3/6/2019)- Lillie Cooper’s  niece, Michelle Cheaney, scheduled for surgery May 3rd sister-n-law, Alene Cooper, having treatments (cancer) and other sister-n-law, Linda Miller (surgery today to remove blood clot located in the groin).
  • Prayer Request (3/5/2019)- Please pray for Glen Rickus he is having knee replacement surgery today at Mo Baptist.
  • St. Paul Prophet (3/1/2019)- Weekly News & Notes
  • Enrollment / Vendor Craft Fair (3/1/2019)- See you tomorrow at Registration 9-11AM and invite your family and friends to support our Auction Craft & Vendor Fair 9-12PM.  Registration Forms will be printed and available at the front table for you.  Preschool & Kindergarten classrooms will be … Continue reading
  • Worship Services (3/1/2019)- With bad weather putting our Sunday Morning services in jeopardy, consider attending one of our Saturday services 445pm in the gym ( contemporary) or 6:00pm (traditional). God keep you safe and warm!!
  • Prayer Request (2/25/2019)- Please Pray for: Tom Legan he is having his pacemaker replaced with a new one. Aline Cooper(Gary Cooper’s sister in law) she has a rare blood cancer.
  • Prayer Request and Praise Report (2/25/2019)- Please pray for Michelle Chaney ( Lillie Cooper’s niece) She is having test done today. Keep Coach Justin Ford in your prayer as he remains in hospital situation has improved but they are learning how to manage diabetes the days … Continue reading
  • Prayer Request (2/23/2019)- Please pray for the St.Paul High School AD & Coach, Justin Ford is his hospitalized at Mercy and needs our prayers.
  • St. Paul Prophet! (2/22/2019)- Weekly News & Notes
  • Prayer Request (2/13/2019)- Please pray for the Rickus family with the passing of Virginia Rickus ( Janey Rickus mother-in-law).
  • Prayer Report (2/11/2019)- Donna Runyon (Karen Detring’s Aunt) is doing much better !! thanks for all the prayers
  • Prayer Request (2/7/2019)- Please  pray for : Pat Ann Monroe ( Janet Laut’s fr) she is having a kidney transplant on Tuesday, 2/12. Michelle Pate (Sharon Bacon’s sister) she is having back issues and need healing & strength. Betty Cook was placed on … Continue reading
  • Prayer Request (2/7/2019)- Please pray for Kathy & Jenny Crouch as well as the employees of Crouch Farley & Heuring. John Crouch passed away last night.
  • Prayer Request (2/4/2019)- Please continue praying for John Crouch and his family. He is leaving Barnes Hospital today and going to Presbyterian Home on hospice.
  • Prayer Request (1/31/2019)- Please pray for Donna Runyon ( Karen Detring’s Aunt) she is in the hospital with an aneurysm
  • Prayer Request (1/30/2019)- Please pray for a complete recovery and healing for Dean Velma Kocher’s Brother he had a stroke and other complications.
  • Prayer Request (1/30/2019)- Please  pray for : Scott Winder he is in critical condition in Mo Bap hospital. Jason Eastman  he was diagnosed with  Guillian Barr Syndrome and paralyzed at this point. Sheila Krekeler and family with the loss of her father.  
  • Prayer Request (1/24/2019)- Please pray for Tracey Brakefield she had shoulder surgery and is recovering.