Prayer Requests

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The St. Paul Lutheran Church prayer request program sends out prayer requests, important reminders and a weekly digest of website updates to our subscribers via e-mail. Adding you to the program will be a true blessing, your prayers are both needed and greatly appreciated.

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Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer Requests (10/26/2020) - Please pray for Betty Cook as her health is declining and for comfort for her family. Also, pray for Mrs. Lee(Keown) as her sister, Sharon’s, health is declining. Please pray for comfort for her and her family.  
  • Weekly News & Notes!! (10/23/2020) -
  • Prayer Request (10/23/2020) - Please pray for: Sandra (Fr. Jamie) hospitalize with covid 19 Sue Wooten  (fr Karen Detring)   diagnosed with cancer and recovering from surgery  waiting to do several more tests Norman Smith (fr Karen Detring)  still in the hospital  back on … Continue reading
  • Prayer request (10/23/2020) - Please pray for Charlotte Schultz ( Amy Jarrett’s g-ma) she is 92 and fell and broke her hip she is in St Johns hospital.
  • Prayer Request (10/19/2020) - Please pray for healing for Corey Powers. Corey was in a freak (non-auto) accident Saturday night at Lake of the Ozarks and is currently in University Hospital in Columbia.
  • Prayer Request (10/16/2020) - Please pray for Hayden Daws ( Julie Bollinger’s son in law) he was in a motor cycle accident and has a torn rotator cuff, broken clavicle & ribs and road rash.
  • Prayer Request (10/16/2020) - Please pray for Rick and Cheri Crabb, they both have covid 19, Cheri is at  home and Rick is in the hospital on a  ventilator (Barb Greene’s brother and sister in law).
  • Prayer Request (10/15/2020) - Please pray for Karen White (fr. of Pete & Mildred Wiley) she is having cancer surgery this  Thursday .
  • Prayer Request (10/14/2020) - Please pray for George Ellis, he fell and broke his shoulder and ended up with pneumonia he is healing slowly at home and receiving therapy.
  • Prayer Request (10/14/2020) - Please pray for: Mike Ziegelmeyer (Mike Z. Father) he received a serious diagnosis. Wayne Blumenberg is scheduled for out pt. foot surgery on 10/26 at 3 pm. at Mercy South. they are under quarantine until after the surgery
  • Prayer Request (10/13/2020) - Please pray for; Jim Wofford- Spot on his lung and aneurysm in his chest area. Klause Peter (Klause Rausch’s father) he will be having surgery on the 19th to remove cancerous  growths. Please keep the family of Lloyd Pooker in … Continue reading
  • Prayers (10/9/2020) - Lloyd Pooker, father of Heather Kurtz, has passed away. Please pray for his family and friends.
  • Prayer Request (9/29/2020) - Please pray for Chad Logan ( school maintenance) he is in the ER with heart issues
  • PRAYER REQUEST (9/28/2020) - Please pray for Sarah Folk she is recovering from illness at home.
  • Prayer Request (9/23/2020) - Please pray for Lloyd Pooker ( Heather Kurtz dad) he was unresponsive & now on his way to hospital by ambulance.
  • Prayer Request (9/21/2020) - Please Pray for: Jane Steffens ( Fr. Sharon Bacon) She has a brain tumor and undergoing treatment. Pray for healing and continued strength Ali Braun (fr. Crystal Dement) pregnancy difficulty Southbrook skilled Nursing  facility- residents and staff .
  • (9/16/2020) - Please pray for Betty ( Marcia Buckley’s aunt)  she has taken a turn for the worse and they are now  keeping  her comfortable and have let her children come in to see her.
  • Prayer Request (9/9/2020) - Please pray for the family and friends of Lorine Mueller, she was called home to heaven on Monday night. Arrangements are pending
  • Prayer Request (9/4/2020) - Please pray for Joe Pritchett he is in bad heath.
  • Prayer Request (9/4/2020) - Pleas pray for Gene Hederick ( Jamie’s family friend) he is in the hospital double pneumonia and kidney issue. He is not doing well and the expectation are not good.