Prayer Requests

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The St. Paul Lutheran Church prayer request program sends out prayer requests, important reminders and a weekly digest of website updates to our subscribers via e-mail. Adding you to the program will be a true blessing, your prayers are both needed and greatly appreciated.

Please contact the Church Office if you would like to be included in the email list.  Or use this online form:

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer Request (8/8/2022) - Please pray for Jeff Fink, he is having surgery this morning.
  • Prayer Request (8/3/2022) - Please pray for Iris Schwartz (co-workers mother of Dylan Vogelsang) received new she has a rare type of cancer. Pray for peace & healing
  • Prayer Request (8/1/2022) - Please pray for the family & friends of  Martha Jarrell, 70, of Farmington passed away July 30, 2022 at her home. Arrangements are pending under the direction of Cozean Memorial Chapel. Full obituary coming soon.
  • Prayer Request (7/20/2022) - Please pray for Connor Spiker, he is leaving for US NAVY basic training on July 25,2022 Great Lakes, North Chicago, Illinois
  • Prayer Request (7/19/2022) - Please pray for  a successful surgery tomorrow as John Thomas, is having his kidney removed due to cancer. Praying for the medical team, smooth recovery, that the cancer has not spread and patience for us today as we finally are … Continue reading
  • Prayer Request (7/16/2022) - Please pray for: Peace & strength for the  family of Terry Thomas, Brian Kochers cousin, he passed away Marcia Buckly grandson Gavin, pray for peace &. healing.
  • Weekly News & Notes (7/15/2022) -
  • Prayer Request (7/15/2022) - Please pray for Ashley Kneisel granddaughter of Naomi Smith (fr Karen Detring) in ICU in St. Louis hospital possible type 1 diabetes
  • Prayer Request (7/13/2022) - Please pray for Terry Thomas, Brian Kocher’s cousin, who had a stroke and is in a coma on a ventilator. Please pray for God’s will to do what is best for him. Please pray for the youth and adults for … Continue reading
  • Prayer Request (7/12/2022) - Please pray for OB Stiles, he is having heart problems and needs peace and comfort.
  • Prayer Request (7/11/2022) - Please prayer for Peggy Kohut to have strength and peace as she is starting chemo treatments.
  • Prayer Request (7/6/2022) - Please pray for Donna Runyon (Karen Detring’s aunt), she is struggling with complications with the medications for Alzheimers
  • Prayer Request (6/30/2022) - Please pray for Kyle Lotz,his tumor is showing life  and he will began chemo treatments again.
  • Prayer Request (6/28/2022) - Please pray for Fay Greene,Barb Greene’s father in law, heart failure, incoherent, needs surgery and is  too weak, pray for Gods blessings and guidance and will be done
  • Pot-Luck Dinner!!! 6/26/2022 (6/23/2022) - Everyone is invited !! Thanking God for the Gift of Marriage!! Fried Chicken will be provided Please bring a dish to share.  
  • Prayer Request (6/21/2022) - Please pray for: Carolyn Price she is having back surgery tomorrow. Lisa -Carolyn’s niece has cancer in multiple places . pray for healing and strength
  • Prayer Request (6/16/2022) - Please pray for Konrad  Meyer, he is having dental work done today, please pray for strength &  healing
  • Prayer Request (6/10/2022) - Please pray for Beulah, Velma’s aunt, she is having shoulder replacement surgery on Monday.
  • Prayer Request (6/3/2022) - Please pray for Debbie Thomas as she is having surgery today.
  • Information !! (6/1/2022) - Upstairs hallway will be closed starting tomorrow until Monday, June 13 for floor cleaning. The entryway to the office will be open still. We will use the commons entry and gym for the 445 &  Pastors Bible class. We will … Continue reading