Prayer Request

Please pray for:
Sharon Sloan (Regina Lee’s sister) she is going back to South Brook from the hospital,she needs comfort and strength.
Update on Noah Kohut
Praise God! Noah is home and had a good night. He will have some recovery but with a wonderful God and great team of doctors caring for him. Noah’s family is so grateful for all the prayers and support. God is good!!!

Please Continue to pray for Healing and recovery of :
Ron Garner
Liz Frazier
Tim Crites
Carolyn Keith

Greetings from Noah Kohut!

He is doing a little better everyday. They took him completely off fluids this morning. He is eating and drinking. The physical therapist walked with him an entire lap around the floor and he even walked up and down a flight of steps unassisted!! He has been playing with Legos and is in a good mood today. Everyone has told us that as long as everything keeps progressing as it has he may get to go home today.

This boy is truly a walking miracle. All of the doctors and nurses keep telling us how amazed they are with his progress given his accident and his injuries. Thank you God for answered prayers and being with us during this time. And thank you Pastor and our church family for the thoughts and prayers, we can’t thank you enough. 🙏🏻😊

Prayer Request

Please pray for:
Tim Crites he is having eye surgery today for a tear in his retina and will have a long recovery period.
Tia Jordan undergoing testing for MS, for good test results.
JT Allen, four year son of a friend of Elisabeth Joran’s, in ICU at Children’s, for healing.