Remember the  Capital Stewardship Campaign meeting is tomorrow Monday, July 25th at 7:30pm. The letter had August 25 sorry about the error. This meeting will be about 1 hour long. Our Consultant, John Sproul, from Lutheran Church Extension Fund will be here , working with us  to design our campaign for the building fund.



Back to school shopping- Scrip !!!

Wow, it’s hard to believe summer is almost over! Don’t get caught by surprise – order scrip for your back-to-school shopping soon so the school doesn’t miss out on any rebates. Go to If you need to sign up click register, and then click join a Scrip Program. Enrollment code is 489EF88718276. Get started today and help our SCHOOL! Orders go in on Tuesday and are received on Thursday in the office. Call Jamie or Tami with any question 756-7872


VBs help!!

Please bring your empty boxes to church for VBS. We are in need of empty boxes the size of cheese-it, instant oatmeal, club, trisket, wheat-thin or grahm crackers. They can be left in the office or in church. Thanks for your help!!!


Dear Member of St. Paul.

Our congregation is in the very beginning stages of launching our new Capital Stewardship Campaign for the purpose of paying down our large loan and focusing on the future of our church. Our Consultant, John Sproul, from Lutheran Church Extension Fund will be here Monday night, July 25th, working with me to design our campaign.

It would be of great value to me personally if you would join me in this process in the evening at 7:30 PM to give input into the design of our campaign and those who would best serve on the Leadership Team for the effort. This group will meet only one time and we will conclude by 8:30. I appreciate the unique perspective that you would bring to this process.

Please contact Jamie in the office at 573-756-5147 or Jamie Montgomery by Friday, if possible, or let me know at one of the services the weekend before and let me know if you will be able to attend.

In preparation for the meeting, I’d like you to bring the names of 10-15 people that you might suggest for the Leadership Team of our Capital Stewardship Campaign. We will be building a large Leadership Team to guide the congregation through this process. As you are identifying potential leaders, think about people who possess these qualities:

  • Well-respected in our congregation;
  • Love the Lord and love our congregation;
  • Committed to our church’s future;
  • Talented and gifted;
  • Faithful in worship, Word, and giving;

Please join me in praying that God will guide our thinking as we design this campaign so that it will be a great blessing to the spiritual lives of the people of our congregation and significantly advance the mission of our church. I would count it a personal blessing if you would offer your insights into this development process on Monday, July 25 at 7:30PM.


Pastor Rick Foss