April Minutes- 2019 Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 04/09/2019


Steve Thomas, Gary Cooper, Kim Kollmeyer, Jason Garner, Pat Province, Jason Garner


Richard Detring, Greg Dement,Gary Cooper, Marcus Laut, Ceth Jordan, Doug Pratt, Tim Crites


Old Business:

  • Minutes was approved

  • Pastor report :
    Nine members confirmation class will be confirmed Sunday, April 28th.
    Easter Service were discussed. Stephen Minisrt is looking for members who needs its services.

  • Elders Report: Jason Garner appreciated the Pastors effert in conduction the prayer vigil for the baby Luba. It went well and was shared on facebook. It also showed caring qualities of the church and school.

New Business:

  • The list of inactive members was presented to the elders. After some discussing the eldrs decided to take 30 min of the May meeting to make phone calls to some inactive memebers.

  • The robe replacement project was tabled until the May meeting.