Prayer Requests

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The St. Paul Lutheran Church prayer request program sends out prayer requests, important reminders and a weekly digest of website updates to our subscribers via e-mail. Adding you to the program will be a true blessing, your prayers are both needed and greatly appreciated.

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Prayer Requests:

  • PRAYER REQUEST (7/22/2021) - Please pray for Mildred Wiley, she is back in the hospital due to infection in her leg. Pray for healing and for strength for Pete.
  • Praise Report !!! (7/21/2021) - Tony Miano is out of surgery  the tumor was contained, they didn’t have to remove any of the kidney. Doctors think no chemo or radiation will be needed. God is good!!
  • Prayer Request (7/21/2021) - Please pray for Tony Miano ( Sheila Miano’s husband) he is having a mass removed form his kidney today.
  • Prayer Request (7/20/2021) - Please pray for Gerry & Angela Ward and family at the death of his father, George Ward.
  • Prayer Request (7/19/2021) - Please pray for: Jetty Reese ( Nancy Gierse’s aunt) she is having back surgery on Wednesday, July 21st. Pete & Mildred Wiley they have moved into Country Meadows for Mildred healing of her leg       and rehabilitation.
  • Prayer Request (7/16/2021) - Please pray for Bobby Crocker  (karen Detring’s cousin) he is in the hospital with pneumonia
  • Prayer Request (7/14/2021) - Matt and Ronda Hutchings loss their home from a house fire. Please pray for peace and God’s help during recovery.
  • Prayer Request (7/12/2021) - Mark Toti’s mother Nell Toti passed away this morning. Please pray for peace and comfort for Mark and his family.
  • Prayer Request (7/9/2021) - Nancy Compton is having a procedure done today. Please pray it is successful and for a speedy recovery and healing.
  • Prayer Request (7/7/2021) - Please pray for Dwane DeGrant ( Julie Bollinger’s dad) he was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer.
  • Prayer Request (7/6/2021) - Please pray for Chad Cleve, he is in the hospital, recovering from surgery.
  • Prayer Request (6/24/2021) - Please pray for Bo Huhman, they are having problems with regulating the cardiac output. They were able to close him on Tuesday and he has been struggling a little bit since then.
  • Prayer Request (6/18/2021) - Please pray for: Bo Huhman, he scheduled for the 1st of 3 surreys this morning. Pray  for the  Drs and family as this is a 6-8 hour surgery,
  • Weekly News & Notes!!!. (6/17/2021) -
  • Praise of Joy & Prayers (6/16/2021) - Praise God for the miracle of life and how He is working. Please keep them in your prayer with surgery for Bo in the near future. Bo has arrived and he and Megan are doing extremely well. He weighed 7 … Continue reading
  • Prayer Request (6/15/2021) - Please pray for comfort and peace for Dustin Murray and family, his grandmother Esterline Upchurch  passed away.
  • Prayer Request (6/10/2021) - Please pray for Tony ( Butch) Yancheck ( Carol Faircloth fr.) he was diagnosed with 4th stage Lung Cancer and now is on hospice.
  • Weekly News & Notes!!! (6/10/2021) -
  • Prayer Request (6/9/2021) - Please pray for David Kluver (Ken’s Brother) he had a stroke
  • Prayers of Joy (6/4/2021) - Congratulations to Chris and Beth Stroup on the birth of their baby. Addison Marie was born on June 1st. Mom and baby are doing well. Praise God.