Communication Worksheet

Please use this form to provide us with the details of your requested communication.

The information you provide for us will help us communicate properly. Your contact information is necessary should we have any questions. If you are not the official CONTACT PERSON for the event/service/notification, then you need to provide that person’s contact information. All submissions are directed to the church secretary and will be funneled into the necessary bulletins, newsletters and other communication tools as appropriate.

If you prefer, you can download the PDF SPLC Communication Worksheet, print, fill out and return to the church secretary.

Communication Worksheet
(Name of person, committee, group, etc. hosting/coordinating event)
(Event title and/or description of what is happening)
(Date and time/duration)
(Location on church/school campus or name/address of other location)
(Purpose of this event)
(Details about how to participate/volunteer/get more information)
(Cost and to whom check are payable)
(Reservations/info to whom)
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