August Minute Education -2015

Meeting Date/Time: 08/18/2015


Mark Cook, Heather Jo Hawkins, Sally Shinn, Jennifer Schweiss, Kim Allen. Leanna Johnson,



Joe Pritchett, Aaron Kennedy

Old Business:

New Business:

  • Athletics- Joe gave a packet with schedule & chair person.
    Vending- Due to liability & athletics we cannot agree at this time and Mrs. Johnson will review with Mr. Joe.

  • Triple C- Sept 10

  • School Accounting-textbooks were overlooked back in May/June we are researching curriculum with teachers

  • Principal Report-
    Open house going well.
    Curriculum approved for purchase
    Vocab series ordered
    Lap Tops for teachers- (3)
    Enrollment- 13 new families * 312 total

  • cafeteria- volunteers needed Kim will review and contact parents.
    Hours for Denise approved by administration previously ends in December.

  • Agreement with those who use the kitchen to leave a deposit due to cleanliness - considered and will revisit next month

  • Mark Cook resigned - accepted effective 8-19-15


  • Accelerate math and AR- passed

  • Sally Shinn to Board Chair - Passed