July Minutes 2018- Council

Meeting Date/Time: 07/24/2018


Doug Pratt, Margie Tedder, Janet Laut, Steve Thomas, Amy Jarrett, Heather Kurtz



Old Business:

  • Minutes approved

  • Opened with devotion and prayer by Pastor Constien

New Business:

  • Pastor Report: Thanks for warm welcome . learning a lot, patience and family is happy to be here.
    Principal: None
    Treasurers: Pray for a new treasurer, including team members .. finance report is filed

  • Elders: Steve Thomas Elder Chair open for help
    Had a get to know Pastor
    Anniversary celebration should be the 1st of November

  • Christian Studies:
    VBS was great, Cathy is of Christian Studies
    Heather Kurtz is doing Windemere trip next year
    needs cash donations for next year VBS food.

  • Christian Outreach:
    BBQ is for High School Supplies
    Need a lot of Oktoberfest help
    this is the last year for outreach to support Oktoberfest Foundation is taking it over
    Discussion: Amy said that at last BBQ when using the cafeteria things were shut down or broken. When asked about it no one knows anything.
    Doug said: That protocol is not up to par currently. I promise to make changes.
    Pastor appreciates how Amy articulated the issue.
    Doug said: need to talk to Jamie about the issues. We are considering Klaus and Pat Rousch as coordinators.

  • Christian Life:
    145 Anniversary is being handed over to the Elders also the Memorial service for everyone who passed away this year.
    Christian Education

  • Doug Pratt:
    Potluck is set for 8/12 for the Welcome Brunch
    School Board and council on policy of amendment to constitution
    During Bible School, Mrs. Simmons from Thrivant is raising money for Boys and Girls Ranch with free will offering, Thrivant will match any money raised. Plan is to raise enough to get a new ice machine.
    Principal and trustees need to be at meetings
    Communication needs to improve

  • Janet Laut wanted to let the counncil know that elderly people have a problem hearing. When using prerecorded music on organ the volume is set and can not be adjusted.