July Minutes 2018 Education

Meeting Date/Time: 07/10/2018


Brad Detring, Heather Garner, Cathy Jarvis, Eileen Jones,Elizabeth Jordan


Kenny Allen


Sara Bieser, Dustin Murray

Old Business:

  • Dustin called meeting to order and opened with prayer.
    Approved minutes

  • Parent Input: None
    Faculty Input: None

  • Reports Organization:
    Triple C – Has not met yet. No report. (Sara Bieser is secretary and will provide
    reports.) Meets the second Tuesday of each month.
    Auction – Heather reported they have 60 volunteers already. Auction chairs for
    2018/2019 are Heather Garner, Teresa Keddy, and Heather Garner. Committee will
    meet monthly on Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM.
    Athletics – Dustin reported physicals are being held this Thursday evening.

  • Faculty/Parent Support: Tim Crites and Kraig Sutherland said they would like to
    encourage board to devise outward support to administration, faculty and parents. It
    was suggested to invite a parent and faculty member to each open session as part of
    monthly meetings. After discussion and in addition to having two parent
    representatives and two teachers at each monthly open session board meeting, it was
    decided board will set up once a month a forums (breakfast or lunch) with parents and
    faculty. First faculty forum will be a breakfast August 8th at 8:00 AM -10:00 AM to share
    goals, input and brain storm ideas with teachers. First meeting with parents will be
    September 7th at 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM in the commons. Cathy, Brad, Heather and
    Elizabeth all agreed to be here, but any board member is invited (Elizabeth is bringing
    donuts). The goal is to let teachers and parents know we are here to support them and
    will listen to their input, needs, etc. Brad to speak on subject at each upcoming
    orientation. Sara also told board that teachers would like to see school board members’
    presence in the school…..walking halls, stopping in classes from time to time.

  • Principle’s Report:
    Dustin reported school received a gift from Farmington public school
    system for K-6 new Journey’s reading and language series. He estimated this was
    approximately $20,000 to $30,000 of material. Eileen is going to send a thank you letter to the
    school board or Shana Turner, Director of Elementary Education.
    Dustin passed out school calendar and sheet with enrollment numbers by grade as of July 10th.
    Grand total is 229 students, not counting Little Giants. Preschool is 54 of the 229 total. We
    have 175 in grades K-8.

  • Old Business:
    Anti-Bully Policy – Seth Pegram is rewriting. Dustin will follow-up with him to see where

New Business:

  • Elizabeth requested to change meeting time and day. After discussion on possible
    options, it was decided to keep on the third Tuesday of each month but meeting will not
    start until 6:30 PM verse 6:00 PM. However, board members will attend the all-boards
    6:00 PM opening in commons area.

  • Vacant Board Position – After discussion on possible fills for vacant board seat left by
    Seth Pegram, the following three possible candidates will be approached and discussion
    results brought back to next meeting.
    Nancy Rouggly – Cathy will speak to.
    Tracy Laut – Elizabeth will speak to.
    Lisa Short – Dustin will speak to.

  • Marketing – Elizabeth requested we set up a Marketing group to help promote the
    school. We have a $2,000 budget for this already. Elizabeth will head the group. Each
    board member is asked to bring to next meeting one person that would be able to help
    with this promotion. Heather suggested we have each board member take a turn
    adding a paragraph one time a month to the school news letter.

  • School Operating Budget: Dustin provided recap. Budget is still on track from report last
     New milk cooler has been delivered.
     Continuing Ed program - Dustin still needs to write out policy detailing how tuition aide
    will be fairly distributed to teachers wishing to use funds.
    Delinquent tuitions – We still have five families behind. Dustin is working with them to
    work something out (last family contacted him this week to discuss). Current policy is
    that tuition has to be caught up prior to start of first semester for enrollment or family
    has to be working with Dustin in good faith to get back on track.
    All needed teachers are in placed/been hired.

  • Church and Sunday School Attendance for Lutheran members: Lack of Sunday School
    attendance from Lutheran members was briefly discussed. Dustin is to start conversation with
    Pastor Constien on subject to look for help with problem. School handbook clearly states
    regular church and Sunday School attendance are expected. Parents should also be
    encouraged that supporting regular church and Sunday School attendance sets a pattern for
    later in life. Sara will also see how teachers can encourage this more.


  • Brad Detring as President -passed
    Heather Garner volunteered to be Vice President- passed
    Cathy Jarvis as secretary -passed