May Minutes 2018- Council

Meeting Date/Time: 05/20/2018


All Congregational Members



Old Business:

  • Voting on New Board members and New officers
    Also voting on 2018/19 Budget

New Business:

  • • Ballots and a copy of the current budget sheet were handed out.
    • Visiting Pastor prayed and blessed the meeting
    • Doug Pratt opened meeting, explained the voting to be done.
    • Greg Shinn spoke regarding the New 2018/19 Budget.
    1. Tithes are down.
    2. Tuition is lower because of the lower enrollment numbers so far. (hoping for enrollment to come back up.)
    • Doug Pratt started voting process.
    • Doug Pratt announced that June 3rd will be Pastor Foss’s last service. Making plans for Pastor Foss’s send off.
    • Pastor Constein visited Friday May 18th, and he will be starting on June 17th as a visiting pastor. Please encourage people to come back and experience Pastor Steve.
    • Discussed gift for Pastor Foss
    • Pastor Constein’s Installation June 24th, bring a dish, Men’s Club will provide the meat


  • Budget passed and all new board and new officers were voted in.