May Minutes 2018 Education

Meeting Date/Time: 05/08/2018


Sally Shinn, Jenny Schweiss, Sara Bieser, Heather Jo Hawkins, Bobbi Karraker, Dustin Murray, Kenny Allen.


Elizabeth Jordan and Seth Pegram


Old Business:

  • Sally Shinn welcomed the board and introduced visitors to the board. Bobbi Karraker opened the meeting in prayer.

  • Parent Input: none

  • Faculty Input: Sara Bieser gave input that the faculty was wondering about positions for the next school year. She also stated that some staff members have said they would like to see more presence in the school from school board members as well as more presence at the faculty meetings or perhaps quarterly meetings. She also read a letter from Tracy LaBruyere requesting that the school board consider keeping the Kindergarten classrooms small by hiring two teachers or at least hiring an aide. Also read a Thank You letter to the school board from Regina Keown.

  • Organizational Reports:
    Triple C: Triple C report given by Jenny Schweiss. New officers for the 2018-2019 school year are currently working on the next year’s project slate.
    Athletics: Kenny Allen presented the athletic report. Currently working on coaches for next year. Just had a conference meeting this past week at Valle.
    Auction: Auction update given by Sally Shinn. Auction Chairs for the 2019 Auction will be Heather Kurtz and Heather Garner. 2018 Auction proceeds will be released on the last day of school.

  • School Accounting: Budget updates given by Dustin Murray.
    School Operating Budget: No statement for May because meeting is one week early and bank statements are not in yet.
    Auction Funds: No statement for May because meeting is one week early and bank statements are not in yet.
    Cafeteria Report: No statement for May because meeting is one week early and bank statements are not in yet. Amy Nations has announced that she will not be returning next year.

  • Delinquent Families: Currently 5 families are behind in payments for the 2017-2018 school year which are the same families from April. Dustin is working with these families on getting their accounts current.

  • report given by Dustin Murray
    • Tuition Management: still looking at options for the 2018/2019 school year. Fast Direct is launching a new tuition management program so we will probably stay with them.
    • Anti-Bully Policy – Seth Pegram still updating.

New Business:

  • Principals Report: - report given by Dustin Murray
    • Enrollment for the 2018/2019 school year is 174 for K-8 and 51 for preschool for a total enrollment of 225.
    • Plan on moving Library back over to main campus since we will have an empty classroom next year.
    • Achievement testing was shipped on 05/08/18. Will have results at June meeting.
    • 05/14/2018 is Field Day at Engler Park for grades K-8. Chapel family games, picnic lunch, snow cones and other fun activities are planned. Will be asking for parent drivers and using the High School bus to transport kids without a parent driver. Will do pick up from Engler Park and those without a driver will be bused back to the school for normal pickup. Two pavilions rented. Will serve lunch from soccer field concession stand. Also have an inflatable slide rented.
    • 8th Grade field trip was a success. All the parents were happy and they had perfect weather!
    • 05/15/2018 is graduation for Kindergarten and 8th grade
    • 05/16/2018 is the closing chapel service.

  • report given by Dustin Murray
    • Budget: - Different budget options reviewed. After board discussion, Bobbi Karraker made a motion to accept “Plan A” and also include in Plan A a Kindergarten Aide.
    • School Board and Principal Evaluations: forms handed out for members to review and will be completed at June meeting.
    • Volunteer Hours: Dustin would like to make a policy to enforce all families sharing in the volunteer responsibilities.


  • Motion A - Passed.