Nov. Minutes 2018- Council

Meeting Date/Time: 11/05/2018


Doug Pratt, Margie Tedder,Tammy DeGroot


Pastor Constien


Old Business:

  • OPENING DEVOTIONS: Pastor opened with prayer
    Minutes revised/approved from previous month:

  • I. Reports
    A. Pastor’s: No Report
    B. Principal: No Report
    C. Treasurer’s: No Report
    II. Meeting Summaries
    A. Board of Christian Life:
    • Done with all the projects they had been working on.
    • Doug asked about chairs needed

  • III. Business:
    Doug went through Event dates coming up:
    Nov. 7th LWML Prayer Service starting at 6:30pm
    Nov. 9th Veterans Celebration day
    Nov.16th Thanksgiving Feast
    Nov.17th St. Paul High School Trivia Night
    Nov.18th Voters Meeting after church,
    • Voters Agenda:
    1. Ladies Aide
    2. Choose Voter to represent St. Paul at LCMS Conference, to vote for President.
    3. Approve Jason Garner as an Elder
    4. Approve Nick ____________ into Christion Board of Education.
    Nov.21st Night before Thanksgiving Service.
    Nov.30th School Assembly: with an Anti-Bullying Theme.
    Note: Various Boards to find their own time to meet in December.
    Dec.2nd Advent Starts with Advent by Candlelight Time: ?
    Dec.5th, 12th and 19th will have Wednesday Advent services in the morning with the children and again in the evening.
    Dec.11th Outdoor Nativity
    Dec.13th Christmas Program starts at 6:30pm
    Dec.18th Will be next Church Council Meeting

New Business: