September Minutes 2018 Education

Meeting Date/Time: 09/19/2018


Brad Detring, Heather Garner, Cathy Jarvis, Eileen Jones,Elizabeth Jordan, Kenny Allen



Dustin Murray, Kraig Sutherland, Pastor Constien ,Sara Bieser
Mrs. Sherrill, Sherri Klepzig (parent)

Old Business:

  • Brad called meeting to order.

  • Training Session with Mr. Freeman – Will be rescheduled due to Mr. Freeman not being able to
    get here until 7:30pm. Dustin will let us know new date as soon as scheduled.

  • School Operating Budget: Dustin reviewed recap.

  • Delinquent Families – Have three families working on catching up on tuition. One of the three
    is struggling and Dustin will be discussing with Elders an option to see what can be worked out
    to help. Kraig mentioned Westmeyer funds. Kraig and Dustin will discuss further. It was
    suggested Dustin see if we could offer some type of time and talent project that family could do
    to offset cost.

  • Parent Input: Sherri asked about putting together a winter sports team such as soccer with St.
    Paul kids to participate in city leagues. It was explained this wasn’t a St. Paul function but up to
    coaches and parents to organize if they wanted to. Discussion on who to contact to volunteer
    for concession work and clarified Laura Murray is coordinator and anyone interested should
    contact her.

  • Faculty Input: Mrs. Sherrill said teachers are going to rotate and take turns attending board
    meetings. The board building a rapport with teachers makes it easier to have teachers come
    forward and attend meetings. Morale seems good. Pastor leads in devotions every morning
    and teachers break up two mornings each week two share problems and issues and request
    prayer. Board reminded Mrs. Sherrill we want to make sure teachers know we are here for
    them. Mrs. Sherrill reminded board we never thanked Miriam Sutherland and Bev Hovis in a
    church service for their years of service. Need to do this. Faculty social is coming up. Working
    on October Fest, Veteran Day celebration, and Thanksgiving feast. Board of Christian Life was
    approached to help with feast to involve church with school.

New Business:

  • Reports Organization:
    Triple C – Had good first meeting. Fund raiser ended this week. Sales were down but
    partly due to decrease in enrollment. Book Fair and grandparents day is coming up.
    Planning a mother and son event, but date not set yet. Have volunteers for
    grandparent’s day, but still need volunteers for book fair.
     Athletics – Kenny reported going well.
    Volleyball - B team conference is 10/15 and 10/16 at St. Paul and St. Joe. A team
    conference is 10/14 at St. Genevieve. Volleyball pink out game with St. Joe is 9/28. St.
    Paul and St. Joe will have a fun volleyball game on 10/8 for both A and B volleyball.
    Teams will recognize 8th graders from both schools at this game.
    Soccer - Tournament is 10/20 and hosted by St. Paul.
    Basketball - Will start open gym for basketball on 10/22. By first of November the
    league needs number of teams and coaches set.
    Kenny will follow up with Doug Pratt to confirm his plans for talking with league
    basketball coaches and St. Paul parents to review good sportsmanship rules.

  • Auction - First meeting is October 7th at 6:00 pm in commons. Teachers are working to
    get classroom reps organized.
     Marketing Group – Committee had good meeting on Sunday. Committee is made up of
    Jill Carter, Elizabeth Jordan, Sara Folk, George Easley, Tonya Thomas, and Nick Gibson.
    Dustin will also be joining group. Sara Folk volunteered High School students to help
    with digital media (Instagram, social media accounts). Dustin wants to keep this in
    house. Students can work with Staci Pinkley and she will supervise them on this. High
    School is going to do a couple articles for paper and radio. George Easley gave contact
    at Daily Journal to submit and get article printed. It was pointed out that what St. Paul
    does with technology is not well advertised and maybe we could consider adding a tech
    tab to our website. Dustin will talk to Stacy about this. Committee members will submit
    ideas or something once a month to advertise. Nick is getting quotes for yard signs.
    Discussed putting together welcoming bags for new families. Elizabeth gave Dustin a
    report on stats on advertising in Daily Journal.

  • Principal’s Report – Enrollment is still at 231, including 55 pre-school and 176 K through 8th
    grade. Recently gave tour to a potential family for new first grader.

  • Fund raiser scheduled at Panera for September 27th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. School will receive
    20% of sales from customers who present flyer.

  • School will have two trailers in homecoming parade on October 5th. One for athletics and one
    open for other kids to ride on.

  • New website is up and Mrs. Pinkley and Tami Propst have been trained to make updates.
    Kids will sing at October 6th Oktoberfest after service.

  • Kiwanis radio day – We have a 15 minute spot. Neither Dustin nor Sara can do that date so
    Mrs. Dickinson will there to speak for school.

  • Cafeteria has received their new washer and dryer, but still needs to be installed. This purchase
    was approved by previous board to offset the laundry service bill we were paying. Payment
    came from cafeteria funds.
    The 8th grade class will be helping serve at the Help the Hungry bake sale on October 12th.

  • Anti Bullying Policy – Dustin is working with T. J. Edwards to schedule a time he can come talk
    to kids. Heather is going to reach out to see if possible to get Fredbird to come talk also. Board
    reviewed Farmington public school bulling policy and noted changes to be made. Designated
    officials will be Principal, Assistant Principal, and Pastor. Craig Thomas character Education and
    daily religion lessons will be added as part of the Training and Education section. Dustin, Sara,
    and Pastor will rewrite and send revised policy to review before next meeting. Board will vote
    on policy at next meeting.

  • Church and Sunday School Attendance – Elizabeth found reference to letter that went to all
    parents from her 2008 and 2009 school board notes, but didn’t find the letter. After discussion,
    it was requested to gather stats on member families and number of times they attend church
    and Sunday school. Dustin will ask Jamie to gather this information. Need to start by
    communication with parents on stats, etc. and need for them to attend church and bible

  • Parent Forum went well. There were 4 or 5 parents who attended.

  • Stakeholders group – Eileen has some parents who have signed up. Still need to refine and
    define and organize. Need strategic plan. Set October 18th for next parent forum to be held
    from 4:00pm to 7:00pm in commons. This is same day as teacher conference so parents will be
    in and out at that time.

  • We had a little discussion on high school and elementary school communication. High school
    use to have a HHH program where they work more with our 5th – 8th graders. Need to work with
    promoting the high school more with our 4th – 8th graders.

  • Next meeting is Tuesday, October 16th with all boards opening at 6:00pm.


  • August Minutes: accept minutes as submitted.- passed.

  • motion to accept as reported operating budget. - Motion passed.