And His mercy is on them that fear Him from generation to generation  Luke 1:50

Latest Campaign News:

Dear Friends in Christ,
By now I hope you have heard that in 2023 St. Paul Lutheran Church & School will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary!   The St. Paul congregation was officially incorporated as a congregation of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in November, 1873.  Our elementary school was established the following year, and St. Paul Lutheran High School launched in 2012.
God has been so good to us throughout the years!  He has showered upon us countless blessings of mercy and grace for the sake of our Savior, Jesus Christ.   We want the time leading up to our 150th Anniversary worship service on November 5, 2023 to be a special opportunity for thanks and celebration.  I trust you received a previous letter outlining some events that will be forthcoming, under the congregational theme “Generation to Generation.”   (Or “G2G” for short.)   If not, the letter is posted for you on our website: www.stpaulfarmington.com
Through this letter, let me invite you to participate in a “G2G” Thank Offering Campaign between now and November 2023.   The thank offering will be directed toward reduction of our building debt, which currently stands at $1,100,000.   Our school building has been an amazing blessing since its construction and provides tremendous opportunities to share Christ’s love with children and families in our church and community.  Our regular debt payments, however, are substantial.    We pray that through this campaign $450,000 can be raised and applied toward reducing our debt through pledges and gifts, which will free us for more effective outreach and service in the years to come.   It would allow more funds to be directed toward mission & ministry, perhaps allowing us to add resources and/or staff for youth ministry, outreach, and other crucial needs as we move into the future.  In our rapidly changing culture, where more and more people around us do not yet know or trust Christ, we want to tell as many as we can through our church, school, and high school: “God’s mercy is for those who fear Him from generation to generation!”    (Luke 1:50)

Along with this letter you will find a Campaign Pledge card explaining ways you can participate, as God enables.    I ask you to look at the material and prayerfully consider how you might support this undertaking.  On October 24 & 25 in our worship services we will have the opportunity to dedicate our gifts and pledges to the Lord.   Even as we have been blessed by the service and sacrifices of St. Paul folks who have gone before us, we want to be a blessing to others in our own time and in the years to come!    Thank you for being an important part of the St. Paul family, and may God bless you richly with His mercy and grace through Jesus!

In Christ,

Pastor Constien