April Minutes 2017- Church Council

Meeting Date/Time: 04/25/2017


Heather Kurtz, Joanne Henderson, Jason Garner, Kraig Sutherland, Greg Shinn, Janet Laut, Pastor Foss, Eileen Jones, Tim Crites, Jason Garner,
Dustin Murray, Pastor Foss



Gary & Lillie Cooper

Old Business:

  • Jason Garner presided over the meeting and Pastor Foss gave the devotions on Easter and opened in prayer

  • March Minutes were approved

  • Pastor report- there are 26 shut ins that keep him busy. Elders are helpful. 400 in church for Easter

  • Principal Report given by Dustin Murray. Accreditation was a huge report and we qualified for a school of excellence designation. Noted strengths were technology, servant attitude of staff, maintenance of building, perseverance of all during leadership transition, and triple C. High School came for chapel and will be coming more frequently next year. Achievement tests this week with teacher appreciation week, Graduation walk for kindergartners, eighth and high school seniors will be May11. Enrollment is currently at 285 pre-K to 8 for next year

  • Treasure Report given by Greg Shinn ; Current numbers are positive. reviewed of preposed budget was made. Highlights included an increase in teachers base, money for youth Group and bible studies.

  • Going Beyond- Mark Firth is the new representative of LCEF. Impact team is forming to continue the program

New Business:

  • Transition team- Working on completing the paper work for pastoral call
    Further discussion on Sunday Morning Schedule

  • Voters meeting to present to the congregation scheduled for June 6th at 6:30. To discuss the budget, slate of officeers, Transition team update and Going Beyond update.
    Boards need to bring prospective members to next council meeting

  • Elders Report given by Tim Crites. Elders have been discussing ways to celebrate the 500 anniversary of Reformation. Pastor Schroeder will fill in the last week of June.
    Looking for more Bible Study opportunities.

  • Christian Studies Heather Kurtz:VBS main topic of the next board meeting. Videos study of Daniel starts at SPLHS may 1

  • Christian outreach Janet Laut: Having community BBQ on July 14 and August 11. 10% will go to SPLHS, 10% non- profit. Pork Steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers. Family Fun
    Starting to advertise the event

  • Christian life report- Joann Henderson. Easter Service were wonderful. Events were all attended and included several new families. May 7 will be the quilt service. Board is collecting names for the annual Memorial Service Nov. 1
    Pipe Organ has been tunes, Encouraging news about the future repairs, may not ne as expensive as we thought.

  • Gary & Lillie Cooper presented information on the Alzheimer's walk on Sept. 9, 2017 at Farmington High School. Greg Shinn motioned that St. Paul sponsor Team Cooper at the $500.00 level using money from Outreach budget.


  • Budget- passed

  • Sponsor Team Cooper- passed