May Minute 2017- Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 05/09/2017


Tim Crites, Mike Kurtz, Gary Cooper, Doug Pratt, Dan Fitzgerald, Greg Dement, Scott Lix, Steve Thomas, Ceth Jordan


Richard Detring


Pastor Rick Foss, Jason Garner and Kraig Sutherland

Old Business:

  • Pastor Foss opened with a Bible study and prayer

  • Minutes were submitted and approved

  • Last Sunday in June Pastor Schoeder will be assisting because Pastor Foss will be gone on conference

  • Gary Cooper discussed the Board of Outreach and their involvement of a fund raising event for Alzheimer’s disease to be held at Farmington High School on September 09, 2017. The Board of Elders supports St. Paul’s involvement to the event as well

  • Discussed the church services and the decline in Sunday school attendance
    2 letters were submitted from Julie Powers. The letters contained several ideas on church services and Sunday school. There was also a reference to the Board of Elders and their recent involvement with several church issues. The Board of Elders was thankful to see members reaching out to us and voicing concerns

New Business:

  • Doug Pratt and Gary Cooper will be helping with a New Member class

  • Discussed the idea of moving the 445 service to the church due to the gym floor being damaged possibly from the chairs

  • A Town Hall meeting has been scheduled for May 24, 2017 at 6:30pm

  • Ceth Jordan will be helping with the Acolyte program