Dec. Minutes- 2018 Elders

Meeting Date/Time: 12/11/2018


Tim Crites, Steve Thomas, Gary Cooper, Kim Kollmeyer, Doug Pratt, Jason Garner,Kraig Sutherland


Ceth Jordan, Greg Dement, Marcus Laut, Richard Detring, Pat Province,


Patrolman Eric Spikier

Old Business:

  • Opened with prayer and devotion.
    Minutes were approved
    Pastor's report read.

  • The cost of replacing the bleachers and handrails and motorizing them is $40,000. Brockmiller Construction and Lee Mechanical have expressed interest in making bids.
    Dylan Vogelsang has donated for tech upgrades to the church sound system.
    The 4:45 Service is in need of an upgrade of its sound system through donations,

New Business:

  • Patrolman Eric Spiker discussed security and safty concerns with the elders. Eric covered a multitude of topics from lighting issues to various emergency issues. He agreed to take a security walk through with the Elders on Wed 12 @ 5:30pm. Some of the lighting concerns can be incorporated with the proposed new church entrance.

  • Doug Pratt and Ceth are to discussing janitorial issues with scheduled actives
    Update on the Storz Family