December Minutes 2016- Education

Meeting Date/Time: 12/20/2016


Sally Shinn, Heather Jo Hawkins, Bethany Petty, Bobbi Karraker, Jenny Schweiss
Dustin Murray,Elizabeth Jordan, Kenny Allen, Seth Pegram



Old Business:

  • Triple C- Didnt meet in December

  • Athletics- Nothing to report
    Mr. Hagan will coach B team Boys with Mr. Chamberlain

  • Parent Input
    Addressed by board

  • Faculty Input
    Addressed by Board

  • School Accounting - looks great

  • Delinquent Families
    Mr. Murray is continuing to work on this issue

  • Principal Report
    Achievement test dates are April 24-28
    Christmas around the the world was great

  • Accreditation for 2016-17
    going well

New Business:

  • Dress/Appearance Policy
    Mr. Murray will discuss this with a team of staff members

  • Sex Offender policy
    Additional information requested
    Bobbie moves to amend School Safety Plan to generalize, leaving blanks for type of registry

  • SEVIS- Tabled

  • 2017-18 - School Calendar

  • Tuition
    Elizabeth moved to increase 50% of the projected tuition increase for each category

  • dress- code
    update student handbook to reflect school colored polos and khaki colored bottoms on chapel days


  • To change Sex offenders policy -Passed

  • Approve & Except 2017-18 school calendar- Passed

  • Increase tuition 50%- Passed

  • update handbook to show colors for chapel clothes polos and khaki pants- passed