Feb. Minutes 2019- Council

Meeting Date/Time: 02/26/2019


Doug Pratt, Mark Jones, Janet Laut, Steve Thomas



Old Business:

  • OPENING DEVOTIONS: Pastor gave opening devotions.

  • Minutes revised/approved from previous month -

  • I. Reports
    A. Pastor’s: Attendance has been a problem due to weather, Streaming Live FB broadcasts have been a blessing.
    B. Principal: Getting new bleachers, sold old bleachers to St Joe Catholic Church in Imperial. Putting in new bleachers on April 22nd,
    C. Treasurer’s: It’s all good. The new finance committee is Even Williams, Craig Sutherland, Ross Gordon.

  • II. Meeting Summaries
    A. Board of Elders: Smooth sailing,
    • Talked about Ash Wednesday and services coming up. Doing Bible study for VBS this year. Also elder for security reasons.
    Question: Is there anyone needing money to go to Windemere?
    • Working on getting in contact with people that haven’t been hear lately.
    • Talked about people that are interested in becoming members.

  • B. Board of Christian Studies
    • Dustin Murray is our new Senior Youth Leader
    • There is a possible Junior Leader lined up
    • Doing Wednesday Youth Meetings, starting 2/27/19
    • Adding new coloring sheets and reading material to the Blue Bags
    • Possible VBS dates are 7/28/ to 8/2 or 7/21 to 7/25

  • C. Board of Christian Outreach:
    • Getting list of things to do every other month for people in need,asking congregation to help.
    • Collecting clothing to give to people in need.

  • D. Board of Christian Life They did a good job last Sunday at the 145th Anniversary celebration.
    E. Board of Finance-
    F. Board of Trustees:
    • Mr. Kocher got city to put in new lights on roadway.
    • Officer Eric coming to next Trustees meeting to talk about security.
    G. Board of Christian Education

  • Possible person to help Marsha with Directory.

New Business: