April Minutes 2019- Council

Meeting Date/Time: 04/23/2019


Pastor Constien, Mr. Murray, Brad Detring, Janet Laut



Old Business:

  • Note: not approved Council meeting (not enough members in attendance.)
    Minutes revised/approved from previous month – Council Secretary read unofficial minutes from 03/26 meeting.

  • • Tell Jamie to send email about voters meeting om May 5th.Reports
    A. Pastor’s:
    • Handed out Elders report (included)
    • Discussed reviewing memberships

  • B. Principal:
    • Bleachers going in now – done by this Friday.
    • Auction next week
    • 17 days left of school
    • Breakfast for graduates and field day on May 13th , Pvae? 15th, Graduation walk 16th, Pictures and graduation 17th.

  • C. Treasurer’s: Pastor also handed out statement of operating accounts.
    I. Meeting Summaries
    A. Board of Elders
    B. Board of Christian Studies

  • C. Board of Christian Outreach:
    • Did not meet this month.
    • Working on clothing to needy.

  • D. Board of Christian Life
    E. Board of Finance
    F. Board of Trustees
    G. Board of Christian Education:
    • School board vacancy, 2 each; Ken Allen and Elizabeth are leaving. Has possible school board prospects; nominate on May 5th Voters meeting:
    Linda Province
    Tracy Crites
    Eric Spiker
    Mike Tedder
    • Starting sub-committee of school board called “Stakeholders” have no goals yet.

New Business: