August Minutes – Life

Meeting Date/Time: 08/21/2018


JoAnne Henderson, Barbara Green, Nancy Krekeler, Anna Garner, Sharon Sherrill


Margie Tedder, Sandra Inman, Caroline Keith, Mary Fitzgerald


Old Business:

  • Dinner was nice. 145 church 18 school

  • What Sundays do kids sing ? 4 Sundays grade school sing
    Kids sing at the Oct. 28th service for reformation and 2nd grade bible hand out.

  • Checked with Pastor for All Saints Day - He said ok.
    Dvd and pictures - Jamie
    Jamie has crosses
    Will send out invites
    take care of food - Sharon ask Doug about BOGO
    Jami video

  • Pastor class for new members will be Oct. 7th will plan a welcome reception

  • Oct. 28 Pot-Luck after church for reformation.

  • Sept 5th LWML- meeting salad supper lower level. food 6 meeting 7

New Business:

  • 145th January celebration for school and church.